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10 Best Presets For Your Next Instagram Post

10 Best Presets For Your Next Instagram Post

You might be wondering what presets are, they are such an easy way to transform any picture in just the click of one button. They are basically filters but chosen by you for the aesthetic Instagram feed of your choice. You might be wondering what is the point in using a preset, it will save you a lot of time because you already know the edit you want and have an idea of exactly what it is going to look at. It also creates a seamless feed where each picture matches one another. You first have to download the lightroom app and then buy your presets, they will automatically upload to the app! If you are looking to up your Instagram game, here are 10 of the best presets for your next Instagram post!

#1 Easy Breezy

The Easy Breezy preset pack was created by the Youtuber, Anna Heid. Anna Heid has become an Instagram influencer and she uses her presets to make her feed aesthetic and so fun to look at! This specific pack was designed to give off a cool and chill vibe. Although most presets look good as is, you can always just them to exactly how you like. The pack comes with presets called sky, vibes, and honey! This preset works best on pictures that are taken during the day. The filter is bright and summery which makes your eye drawn to the picture. 


#2 Summertime 

Summertime was created by Amanda Stanton who was seen on the Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise. She is best known for her presence on Instagram! This pack of presets comes with 8 different edits from darker to lighter. They obviously give off a very summery vibe but can be used all year on vacation pictures or even ski pictures. It is really all up to you on how you want your Instagram feed to be!

#3 Sea Salt

Are you heading out on a Spring break trip? Or do you have a warm summer vacation in the works? Well, the sea salt pack is exactly what you need for enhancing your ocean photos. This pack comes with six different presets, making it easy to edit your Instagram photos! This pack enhances the blue ocean color and gives off a very beachy vibe! It also makes you look super tan, so if you are like me, you will buy this right now! 


#4 Nude Tones

These presets remind me a lot of something you would see on Instagram influencer Helen Owens feed. The Nude Tones set features six different nude tones that darken your photos, but at the same time enhances colors like white. This is a very laid back and comfy preset pack and you will for sure use this on your wintery photos! It also gives me a cafe vibe, so if you are into posting pics at your local cafe or coffee shop this is a totally cute look!


#5 Blogger Pack

The Blogger Pack comes with four different presets, and yes you can already picture what these will look like based on the name! It is a very street style edit and would look great with fashion shoots or even Instagram pictures with your bestie. This preset gives off an edgy look which will definitely boost your likes on Instagram!  If you are a blogger, you might want to check out these presets to brighten up your blog or even Youtube thumbnails! 

#6 Insta Blush

I absolutely adore this preset and I think you will too! This pack features ten different presets. There is a subtle pink color in the photos, but it enhances colors like blue and white making them pop! You can use this preset all year round because it can work with a beach picture or even with a cozy sweater picture. It also makes your skin look super tan without even trying! This is one of the best presets, trust me!


#7 Cozy Home

Cozy Home comes with ten preset filters that are all stunning. If you are like me, you love having a white and modern house or apartment. These presets are very bright and will make your home look amazing. I personally see these pictures all over Instagram and VSCO and I love them so much! This preset will definitely get you a ton of likes or republishes! If you blog about home decor or have a home decor social media account, you might want to check these out!

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#8 Gym & Workout

The gym and workout presets create a sharp and darkened look to your gym photos. It comes with ten presets, so you can decide what you like the best! They make your pictures look amazing and if you are ready to flex your gym photos, definitely use this preset. If you are a gym fanatic, you should check these out! You can adjust them to be as dark or light as you want. They make your body and skin look amazing as well! 


#9 Wild Honey

Wild honey is literally a splash of cool yellow tints in your photo. This specific preset pack is inspired by the honey shirt made by Brandy Melville. This is a great and easy preset for your summer photos taken by the pool or even casually walking down the street. In this pack, you will be getting ten presets for your summertime pictures. The Wild Honey preset looks awesome paired with blonde hair. It makes the blonde pop! 

#10 Minimal

You can tell by the name that this preset is for simple pictures that you want to enhance. This preset looks best when taking a photo of something against a white wall. The Minimal preset would also look great if you were heading out on a ski or snowboard trip to a mountain. Since this one enhances the white, the mountains would look gorgeous as a backdrop. 


What presets do you use on your Instagram photos? Let me know in the comments below!