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The 15 Best Pre Workout Snacks You Can Find In Any Dining Hall

The 15 Best Pre Workout Snacks You Can Find In Any Dining Hall

This past year Kent state has made a great improvement with the healthy eating options in the dining halls and markets on campus. There are a lot more vegan, vegetarian, and just all around healthier options. They even cook the food differently.

Kind Bars

I looooovvvveee Kind bars. They are a great source of whole grain, fiber and protein and made with all natural real ingriedants. Not to mention there tons of non-vegan , vegan, kosher and nut-free options. By the way the peanut butter and dark chocolate bars are my favorite.


Nothing better before a workout than fruit.



There are tons of healthier popcorn options before those late night gym options. EX. Boom Chicka-Pop , Skinny Pop.


What more can I say?

Dried fruit

Just as delicious as real fruit, but also maybe a bit sweeter.


Almond butter

Justin’s classic almond butter is great on toast and a healthier take on nutella.


Quick , easy , yummy !

Anything with peanut butter

Whether its peanut butter and apple slices or peanut butter and celery , maybe just crackers and peanut butter. Any of the three have a great source of protein from the peanut butter.



Who doesn’t love a good smoothie ? You can get almost anything you need in a smoothie from vitamins, energy enhancers , meal replacements . You name it you can get it .


Waking up and going to the gym, this not only will stop your hunger but give you the energy to last throughout your workout.

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Greek yogurt

Light on the stomach before a workout , and for that reason it makes a great pre-workout snack.

Bagel or English muffin

A whole grain option of the too would be best.

Protein bars

Are a great source of energy and protein before a workout!


Protein Shakes

If you love a good protein shake go for it !


Well Duh.

These are just a few of many pre-workout snacks you can find at the dining halls. There are tons of options of each these choices. Its all about finding what works for you and your body.

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