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10 Of The Best Posters To Add To Your Dorm Room

10 Of The Best Posters To Add To Your Dorm Room

Although this move-in season will be very different from in the past, choosing decorations for your dorm room is still a fun, necessary task! I remember scrolling through Pinterest, trying to make up my mind of what theme I wanted to go with. For me, decorating my walls with pictures and posters made me feel more at home in my dorm room. I’ve gathered some of the cutest posters to hang in your dorm room, so look no further!

1. The Native State Get Sh** Done Art Print

Sometimes, you just need a little burst of motivation to get started on the hours of homework and studying you have to do in college. This poster is simple and to the point. Just get it done; how more clear can you be? Any time you feel super burnt out (which I can promise you will happen so often in college), just take a look at your poster and think, “I got this.” You can buy this art from Urban Outfitters, with prices ranging from $19-$259 based on the poster’s size.


2. June Journal Be You Art Print

Here’s a gentle reminder to just be yourself! If someone doesn’t appreciate you for the person you are, then you don’t need them in your life anyway. The words “Be You” pop out at you on this poster, which sometimes I feel like just seeing those two words will be encouraging and motivating. When I was just starting college, I felt this pressure to be someone I wasn’t so I could make more friends and fit in. However, soon enough, I realized that there was no point in trying so hard. College isn’t high school, and you shouldn’t hide who you are just to impress others. You will find people who appreciate you for you, I promise. Buy this poster from Urban Outfitters, with prices also ranging from $19-$259 based on size.

3. June Journal Good Things Are Coming Art Print

If you couldn’t already tell, Urban Outfitters has a wide range of posters that are so cute and will instantly add more style to your dorm room! Definitely check out their website if you haven’t already. This is probably my favorite poster out of all of them! In college, there are times when you’re going to feel discouraged and upset. This poster is just one reminder that good things are coming your way. Whatever negative emotions you’re experiencing at the moment will go away eventually. I really wish that I had this poster during my freshman year of college. It would have made me smile and maybe would’ve brought more positivity and hopefulness to me. This poster also ranges from $19-$259.


4. Ambitchous Dictionary Definition Meme Black and White Typography Design

Honestly, why is this word not in the dictionary yet? We love ambitchous women, am I right? This poster is guaranteed to make someone laugh…hopefully. In the book “Why Men Love Bitches” I learned that “bitch” can actually refer to strong, independent women who don’t let men walk all over them. I highly recommend this book for every strong young woman entering college. So, of course, I’m always striving to be “more of a bitch,” and I encourage all women to do the same. Buy this poster from Society6 for $13.99.


5. Looks Gorgeous Framed Art

Happiness does look gorgeous on you even without a poster telling you that it does. This Dormify poster definitely fits into the VSCO/Tik-Tok girl vibe if that’s what you’re aiming for. Not to say you don’t look gorgeous when you’re sad, but you look even better with a smile! You can purchase this poster for $79, and it comes framed!

6. Hot Pink White Claw Seltzer Poster

I mean, people already dress up like White Claws for Halloween, so why not get a White Claw poster in your dorm room? I love the bright pink log with the dalmatian print in the background. White claws are trendy, so no harm in following the trend. FYI if you really like White Claws, you can even get a mug with this design on it. Buy this poster on Red Bubble for $14.32!


7. Do It For Your Self Poster

This is pretty straightforward, but so true! Work hard and do the things you love to do for yourself and no one else. Also, this poster is a reminder to still prioritize self-care in college! I know that every college student is always busy, but taking care of yourself is the most important thing. As the poster says, “Do it for yourself” and your own well-being. Buy this poster from Red Bubble for $16.70.

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8. Never Chase Anything But Drinks And Dreams

The volume inside of this bus is astronomical. The accuracy of this statement is unreal. Dreams and drinks are okay to chase, but when it comes to anything else (boys, friends, popularity), don’t chase after that! If you are chasing after another person or group, it’s not worth it…trust me. You can buy this poster from Red Bubble for $14.32.


9. Haus and Hues Inspirational Wall Art Print Quotes

Your dorm room should radiate kindness and good vibes to everyone that walks in. Inspire everyone with this cute set of 4 motivational posters! They’re short, but sweet messages that will make you smile. Buy them from Amazon for $14.99!

10. Let That Shit Go Quotes Gold Foil Print

Sometimes it’s best to just relax, take a step back, and let all your worries and stress go. Although this poster is meant to be a bit funny, the meaning behind it is true. We need to let go of all the negativity and things that aren’t benefiting us and just let it all go. Buy this poster from Amazon for $11.68.


Hopefully, these posters gave you some much-needed inspiration for what you’re actually going to hang up on your walls. Now is the fun part where you get to decide how you’re going to decorate your room!

Would you buy any of these posters for your dorm room? Let us know in the comments below!

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