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Best Podcasts to Listen to While Hot Girl Walking

Best Podcasts to Listen to While Hot Girl Walking

While the fitness obsession with the hot girl walk is increasing and becoming more popular, we must ensure that we have the best podcast to accompany our hot girl walk. There are so many different things that you can listen to while you are on your next hot girl walk. You can listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, or nothing. I love a good podcast during my hot girl walks. There is truly something for everyone, from pop culture education to more news-based podcasts that keep you updated on the world or even podcasts that are book clubs and many more options. So keep reading to find the perfect podcasts to listen to during your next hot girl walk.

1. The Morning Toast

The Morning Toast podcast is everything you need to cultivate the perfect hot girl walk vibe. Listening to the sister duo Claudia and Jackie Oshry, as you walk through your neighborhood, they will have you crying and laughing by the time you are done with your walk. They share “the fast five stories you need to know before taking a bite out of your morning toast .” They focus on pop culture and everything that would interest someone who loves to be in all know of all things celebrity news. Their typical episodes run for about an hour, drop every weekday, and fill you in on everything pop culture. They also have a tv recap at the end of one of their episodes once a week. So, if you like to follow the Housewife franchise, Love Island, The Kardashians, and other shows like this, you can hear Claudia and Jackie’s hot takes on these episodes. They also have a “Dear Toasters” segment, where listeners write in and give a scenario they are in, hoping to receive their advice. Another new component they have introduced into the podcast is “Unburden Yourself,” when a listener submits an embarrassing story they need to get off their chest. They also have entertaining guests to host the show with them sometimes thins, ranging from another family member to an old bachelor contestant and all types of people. These unique segments will have you dying laughing on your walk and will keep you distracted from your walk. So, if you love hot takes, pop culture, and fantastic dynamic duos, this podcast is perfect for your next hot girl walk.
2. Diet Starts Tomorrow

If you like to learn about the fitness and diet industry, this is a perfect podcast for you. These episodes range from as short as 20 minutes to about an hour, so they are perfect for any length of hot girl walk. This podcast is run through Betches. They bring on all guests from therapists, trainers, intuitive eating coaches, fitness influencers, and more. I believe this podcast’s goal is not to make people feel alone on a harrowing journey of loving their bodies. They focus on the mind, body, and soul aspects that can be impacted by diet culture. Aleen, the podcast host, is excellent as she shares her past struggles with diet culture and how they have affected her today. They also talk about celebrity diets and debunk fad diets with professionals. I also love a segment they offer on this podcast entitled non-scale wins. Where Aleen will share her non-scale success, if she has a guest, they will share there, and listeners also get a chance to share some of their non-scale wins. I love this because it shows you what you might be improving on and allows you to focus on your non-scale wins. This podcast is perfect for someone who likes to learn about the fitness and diet industry. It is information yet not dull. In other words, it is the perfect amount of humor and education. It’s an excellent podcast for your next hot girl walk.

3. BFFs

This combination of Briana Chickenfry, Dave Portnoy, and Josh Richards all in one podcast will certainly grasp your attention. Their podcast episodes drop weekly, and they will fill you in on all things celebrity news. If you love mindless celebrity news, this podcast is for you. They will spill all the tea about TikTok drama, celebrities, and current trending that are popping off on all social media platforms. With the age gaps and different understandings of terminology and celebrity, this podcast will make you crack a smile and laugh while on your hot girl walk. Once you press play on this podcast, you genuinely have no idea what to expect; the hosts keep you on your toes. Apart from giving you all the tea, they also incorporate fun games to play with each other and guests on the show. Listening to this game will make you laugh on your walk. If you are looking for a lighthearted podcast for your hot girl walk, then the BFFs podcast is for you.

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4. The Daily

The Daily Podcast is presented by the New York Times and is perfect for someone who does not waste any time. This podcast breaks the biggest news stories and educates its listeners on these topics. Michael Barbara and Sabrina Tavernise host the podcast, their episode ranges from 20 to 60 minutes, the perfect length of information for any distance of hot girl walk. These episodes drop five days a week at six in the morning, filling you in on all the current news you need to know. Their most recent attacks have covered issues such as abortions, gun laws, Ukraine, etc. This is the perfect podcast to listen to if you want to skip watching the news in bed and listen to it on your walk. You will leave your walk feeling more informed and educated.

As the Hot Girl Walk has received so much attention, you must be listening to a podcast that will make the most of your time. As you can see from the list I have provided you, there are many options of podcasts that you can listen to and indeed something for everybody. So, make your Hot Girl Walk more enjoyable by listening to a podcast perfect for all your interests.