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Best Plants You Need According To Your Zodiac

The best plants are the ones that get along with your sign. Most individuals are very aware of their signs wants and needs. Adding a plant to the mix might just make you feel complete. Check out what the best plant is for your sign!


Aries are best known for their fiery personalities. They are honest and direct about who and what they want. While being their most authentic self, the Arie sign does not shy away from conflict. Occasionally, this can make them come across as impatient or hotheaded. As a result of these characteristics, a Marble Pothos is an excellent choice for any Aries. This beautiful addition needs little attention, making it a perfect roommate for this fire sign. Watering Marble Pothos weekly and keeping it in moderate to bright sunlight will keep this plant happy. Like Aries, they get comfortable in a good and loving home. Restricting the roots to make these Marble Pothos comfortable is the best way to go.


Taurus is the sign of the bull, which describes a true born Taurus to a T. These signs are earthly beings who thrive off consistency and comfort. These stubborn signs like things the way they are but never turn down an adventure, food, or a good time. True to their sign, Taureans are dependable but guarded. They do not let others in quite as quickly as other signs. While enjoying comfort, this sign loves living a lavish life. The best plant for any Taurean is a snake plant. This plant requires little to no attention and can thrive basically anywhere. Taurus signs don’t tend to exert themselves much, so choosing a plant with very few needs is a great option.


Gemini signs are typically found in large social gatherings. While they are knowledgeable, Geminis are often afraid of their full potential. A great companion for a Gemini is a Calathea. These plants can be found in the tropics and display bright, colorful leaves and patterns. They do not require much attention but prefer bright indirect light and crave humidity. Essentially this plant needs constant attention from an external source, similar to how Gemini’s prefer attention from their social group. All in all, this is likely the best plant for a Gemini.


Cancer more or less can feel everything. They are very similar to exposed nerves. The best plant to occupy a space in cancer’s life is the Fittonia Albivenis, commonly known as the nerve plant. Cancers tend to enjoy the comfort of their areas and dislike surprises. The nerve plant can be a slightly temperamental plant to care for, but Cancers are up for the challenge. These plants require high humidity with very well-draining soil. As Cancers are a water sign, they should understand these plants’ need for H2O. Fittonia’s thrive from July to August. While being slightly temperamental, this plant will produce beautiful green leaves with light accents exposing their nerves.


The Leo sign can be a little bit of a showman. This sign’s ruling planet is the sun with an elemental fire sign. The best plant for a Leo is a Monstera Deliciosa. This plant is extremely popular as a beautiful and exciting plant to brighten up a space. It produces large green leaves with intricate holes, making it a visually stimulating plant. Leo’s are ambitious and eloquent. Monstera plants are often the same way. They grow ambitiously with some added “oomph.” Monstera Deliciosa enjoy lots of sunlight and should be watered every 1-2 weeks allowing the soil to dry in between waterings. In return, this plant will provide you with something extraordinary to look at and admire.


Virgos are very well known for their slightly finicky and perfectionistic personalities. This sign’s element is earth eluding to valuable and practical characteristics. While slightly introverted and modest, they are very self-aware and expect their existence to be worthy. Virgos would likely do well sharing a space with a Pitcher Plant belonging to the Sarraceniacce family. This unique plant is found in extreme areas thriving of the nutrients of victims it captures in its pitchers. While being a resourceful plant, pitcher plants are stunning to look at and observe.


Libra is an amazing caregiver who does their best to be positive. They are known to be intuitive and find balance in themselves and external elements. While avoiding conflict, Libras will go to any lengths to help those closest to them. The best plant for a Libra to adopt is an air plant. These intricate plants are unusual but find a perfect balance between water and air. They can thrive in many conditions, but they visibly struggle or die when confronted with too much of something. Air Plants are a great addition to any Libra’s life.


Do not betray a Scorpio, as this is a very complex sign. This is a direct sign that lives in black and white instead of gray. The best plant for a Scorpio to have is a Cactus. Like most members of the cactus family, this plant is tough to kill. It requires lots of light and little water. Really the best thing you can do for this plant is leave it alone. Like Scorpios, it needs to let go of things quickly, which can be accomplished with well-draining soil.


Sagittarius is a well-known explorer similar to the Swiss Cheese Philodendron. This plant, related to the Monstera Deliciosa, requires medium to indirect light with watering every week. It explores its surroundings by vining out and away from its roots and can get quite large. While this plant is very adventuresome, it is also quite stunning with its slightly ruffled leaves and intricate negative space. A Swiss Cheese Philodendron is the best plant for any Sagittarius to get to know.

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Capricorn is a fantastic sign showing internal competitive traits, drive, and discipline. They do not hoover around the beautiful things in life but look at them as indulgent. Often, this sign is considered a workaholic. The best plants for Capricorns to invest in are succulents. Because this sign is typically way to invested in work to pay a whole lot of attention to a plant, a succulent is a worthy companion. The goal here to to give some time to the succulent on a weekly basis. While taking care of your succulent, spend some time on yourself. 


A true Aquarius can be perceived as slightly odd, but really, they just thrive in what they consider profound. As a result of Aquarius’s unique state, a Ficus Macrocarpa is the perfect plant. Ficus Macrocarpa are a part of the bonsai family and are a very well known plant for their unique characteristics. This excellent addition to the world resembles a small tree with a relatively thick root system. It requires bright indirect light and wants water roughly every week. Overall, this plant is pretty chill and will show you its love with each new leaf. It stands out in any space, just like an Aquarius.


Pisces can be elusive with their personality. These are the dreamers with an extensive imagination. While sometimes coming across as distant, a Pisces will focus when they feel surrounded or submerged, as their water sign suggests. A Satin Pothos is a great option for a Pisces. While belonging to the Pothos family, this plant has beautiful satin-like leaves, making it unforgettable. Like many Pothos, this plant likes its roots to be heavily restricted and thrives on compact spaces. If propagated, this plant can thrive in water if well taken care of and observed. This plant and sign have many characteristics in common, making them a great pair.

While you might feel very attached to your sign and your best plant fit, loving multiple plants at the same time is a beautiful feeling as well.

What is the best plant you have ever had? Let us know in the comments.
Kaylee Dellert

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