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Top 10 Best Places To Take A Nap At The University Of Alabama

Top 10 Best Places To Take A Nap At The University Of Alabama

Top 10 Best Places To Take A Nap At The University Of Alabama

Getting sleepy is a natural part of the college experience, just as much as staying up late to study for all of those afternoon tests. Sometimes you really just don’t have time to walk or drive home and catch some Zs. Swinging by the dining hall to grab greasy food is one way to refuel, but there’s often nothing better than finding a solid place to take a good nap.

1. The Quad

It’s a warm day and you have a while before your next class starts. What better choice than to make a pit stop at the center of campus? The grass is soft and well-maintained, and you won’t be bothered by anyone being too loud as long as it’s not freshman-tour season. Set an alarm on your phone and scoot your backpack underneath your head as you recline under shade that belongs to one of many gigantic trees. Nice, isn’t it? You won’t be able to help yourself from thinking ‘Man, it’s good to be me’.

2. The 4th Floor of The Ferg

Tour season is long, and you’re getting sick of people bothering you on the second floor. Here’s the secret: the 4th floor of The Ferg is loaded with both study rooms and ultra-comfortable couches. They may not be specifically meant for napping, but they’re comfortable and it’s quiet so what else could you ask for?

3. Behind Ridgecrest dorms

Got a hammock? There are plenty of pillars behind Ridgecrest East and West for you to get your nap on. Many University of Alabama students don’t utilize these spaces, which means that they’ll probably be quiet enough for you to get peaceful sleep. This can come in handy when you have noisy roommates, or if you just feel like getting away for a study break (hopefully a long one, at that).

Top 10 Best Places To Take A Nap At The University Of Alabama

4. Shelby Quad

Is the regular quad too hot for you? Shelby is located right off of the Engineering Quadrangle, and is entirely encompassed in shade. Not only does it consist of benches, it’s surrounded by a ring of concrete that you can recline on top of. The only downside is that your friends will be able to snap pics of you snoozing if they catch a glimpse of you through the glass doors and walls that line Shelby Quad.

5. Morgan 301

While this specific room might not seem like much at first, it serves as both a lecture room and a meeting for EMMA (The English Major and Minor Association) meetings. When it isn’t in use, it’s potentially a large, dark room with a number of cozy couches. It’s said that taking a nap within the hub of the English department is supposed to make the plots of your dreams more cohesive. Keep dreaming.

6. Smith Hall

Have you ever been to Smith? Many classes encourage it, as Smith is also referred to as the lone Natural History Museum on campus. Not only is there a meeting room with a couch and free food on the first floor, but also the most comfortable couch on campus. Said couch is green, worn, and located on the third floor. It’s recommended that one should show up early to claim this couch as it fills up quickly. Not at all a safe bet for finals week.

Top 10 Best Places To Take A Nap At The University Of Alabama

7. Burke Dining

Right when you enter the Burke Dining Hall, there is a chance to turn left. I discovered this when I was searching for a bathroom game day. If you follow this hallway all the way down, you will be led to a room with a couch and also the saddest hole-in-the-wall restroom you ever did see. Take a breather on the Burke couch, and make sure to grab some food as you swing by.

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8. Woods Quad

I know, I know, why so many quads? The Woods Quad is different from any other spot on campus. Gorgeous flowers and the pleasant ambiance of multiple towering statues claim territory out on the grass. As long as nobody from the workshop is sanding something outside, it’s a sunny and calm place for a mid-day nap. My spot of choice is one of the wooden benches across from Manly Hall, which are wider and therefore nicer to recline on than any metal benches at The University of Alabama.

9. Fresh Foods

Fresh Foods is a dining hall at the University of Alabama known for good sandwiches on occasion and painfully mediocre school-provided pizza. The upstairs is a different story. If you’d ever had the pleasure of sitting underneath the large fan located in Fresh Foods, you’ve most likely noticed the dance students exiting class and waving below at the people such as yourself who are partaking in this average food. The entrance to this secret second floor is off to the side, and supposedly locked. If you manage to follow someone in, the couches are lighter than a cloud.

10. Safe Space Lounge

What better place for lounging than well… A lounge? The Safe Space Lounge is one of the few places located at The University of Alabama where you can just be you. Unless there’s a meeting planned, you should have no trouble walking in and collapsing for an exhaustion-induced slumber on one of their couches. The company you wake up to can’t be friendlier, and on Wednesdays there are cinnamon rolls. Seriously a win.

Top 10 Best Places To Take A Nap At The University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama is a school comprised of hard-working individuals, but there’s no shame in admitting when it’s time to lay back and take a breather. Hopefully with these options in mind you can go about your days on campus pursuing a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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