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5 Best Places To Study At Pace University’s Pleasantville Campus

5 Best Places To Study At Pace University’s Pleasantville Campus

As much as we love our rooms, they aren’t always the ideal place for studying and homework. Whether it’s loud roommates or that tempting bed, sometimes it’s easier to step out. Here are my top five favorite places to study at the Westchester campus, plus one for good luck.

1. Common Areas

Even if your room isn’t the ideal studying habitat, it helps to know it’s close. Start utilizing your dorms’ common areas! They are there for a reason! With at least two on each floor, there will always be a comfy chair and couch open.

Some common areas have TVs, kitchens and fun games like ping pong and foosball, you know, for when you need to take a little break.


For when you don’t need a break, most of the common room walls and windows are also dry erase friendly. So get all the markers you need and take notes the way you wish you always could.

There are also common areas in classroom buildings such as Miller and Wilcox. They are super helpful when it comes to quick study sessions between classes. The common area on the top floor of Miller is one of my favorite places to study when I need to do it quick. The downside is, these classroom building common areas tend to get really loud, really quick.

2. The Mortola Library

Need a quiet place to study? Make your way to the second floor of the library! It’s a noise-free zone in the back and a whisper zone in the front. Perfect for people like me who need help concentrating.


Need just a little background noise and mini-mart nearby? Stick to the first floor. With couches, beds, ellipticals, puzzles, computers and a concession stand, the first floor has it all. Even though I usually like it quiet, this is one of my top favorite places to study.

Here are some ways I combat noise when it comes to studying.

  • Headphones (you don’t even need to play music)
  • Earplugs (supplied in the Pace Library)
  • Keep the easiest tasks for the loudest times
  • Take all the breaks you need, as long as you need

Need a tutoring center? The third floor has that for you too. All that and every book you could ever need… wow.


On all three floors, there are also reserved studying cubicles, making group projects much easier to handle.

Mortola Library has one more perk, it’s different themed nights/days. Toast Day, pizza and game nights, etc. The Library knows how to keep it fun and keep you coming.

3. Starbucks in Alumni 

Need some noise, and a wide variety of coffee and tea? Outside or inside of Alumni is for you. Right next to Starbucks is the perfect place for studying. Get some coffee to rev the engine that is your mind, or use their tasty desserts as a reward for all of your hard work.


Starbucks is also a great place for group studying. It’s super spacious and the round tables make for easy note sharing.

It’s also very convenient for those who live in the Alumni Dorms. It’s just an elevator ride down for morning study time with coffee and a bagel.

Here’s my list of go-to study drinks I get from Starbucks.

  • Iced Matcha Latte
  • Iced Mocha Latte
  • Ginger Tea
  • Black Coffee

4. By Choate Pond

Studies show that studying outside is beneficial to the task at hand. Some known benefits are; increased energy, boosted problem-solving skills, reduced stress, and improved mood. All that plus a great view? Perfect.

Not many people take advantage of the benches by Choate. Even if it’s not for studying, taking a break to be around nature helps your brain feel stronger. The benches around Choate have all the necessities nature has to offer; water, animals, oxygen, grass, plants, and flowers,

All of my friends say this is their favorite place to study. Whenever I feel like having study dates with them we usually meet up by the benches closest to the library. The only downside is there’s no tables, a price I am willing to pay for this beautiful view.

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Why do I think Choate works for studying?

  • It’s outside
  • Birds chirping
  • Ducks quacking
  • Fish jumping
  • The breeze going through the trees
  • (The sounds are all very soothing)

5. The Nature Center

The Nature Center is my favorite place to study. And like Choate, it is completely underrated.


With all the students passing by, turtles sunbathing, and ducks swimming around, Choate Pond can get a little distracting. Luckily, the Nature Center/trail is a lot more secluded. Whether you want to be by the farm or in the forest, you’re bound to find a chair and sun rays waiting.

How do you get to the Dyson College Nature Center? It’s right behind Alumni and the Environmental classrooms! Just keep walking down that gravel path and you will find a spot perfect for you.

These are my top favorite places to study at the Nature Center.

  • By the farm (by the goats specifically)
  • On the giant rock in the Pace Fit Trail
  • Next to the tiny pond before the bridge

6. (EXTRA) Kessel!

Food powers the brain! And what better place to get food than Kessel?

With so many food AND seating options, I find myself naturally studying here every time. Whether it’s someone playing the piano or the comfy chairs on the main floor, I always wind up studying and being super relaxed while doing it.

These are some top brain foods that are always served in the Kessel food court.

  • Avocado
  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Kale
  • Salmon
  • Tea

Studying is hard, but finding a spot that works for you makes it a lot easier. Stay focused, away from distraction, and in an environment that makes you feel good. Those are the key to having a perfect study session at Pace.

Where are some of your favorite places to study at Pace? Share your secrets with us in the comments below!

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