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10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

With all the chaos that takes place around campus, in the dorms, or even in your apartment, finding a nice, quiet place to study can be hard to come by. But don’t worry here are 10 of the best places to study on Iowa State’s campus when you just need space to think and focus!

1. Parks Library Tiers 

In general, Parks Library at Iowa State is a great place to study, but there are some places in the library that are better to study in than others. Arguably the quietest place to study not only in the library but on campus are the tiers.

Iowa State’s library has 7 tiers that are mainly used to house books but on the far wall, there is a line of wooden desks that anyone can use to study. The study spaces here also have outlets for each individual desk so you can bring your charger if you know you need to hardcore get things done!

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

2. Parks Library Lobby

Iowa State has recently renovated Parks Library’s lobby with more places to study. This renovation added booths, individual cubicle chairs, desks, tables, and even some private study rooms. Each space comes with plenty of outlets and USB ports so you can keep charged as long as you need.

This would be a place that is a bit noisier because it is by the entrance and people are coming and going. However, if you are someone that doesn’t care about the noise or that it doesn’t bother you then you should definitely check this place out!

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State


The CTLT or The Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching is a great resource for anyone in the School of Education at Iowa State. It is located in the basement of Lagomarcino Hall and is only available to Education majors. 

This place is good for group or individual work as there are collaborative tables with hookups to a tv so everyone in your group can see what you are working on, or individual tables if you just need to do your own work. You can even check out books for your classes here too.

The CTLT even has computers you can use during your time here if you don’t have access to one yourself!

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

4. Central Campus

Iowa State has one of the most beautiful campuses across the nation, so why not soak it in while getting some work done!

Central campus is a huge open grassy area that even has wifi! You can bring a blanket, a chair, or even hang a hammock from the hammock stations around this area. This place is a noisy area since it is outside and home to many other activities than studying.

But, if you love the outdoors and don’t mind noise try this spot.

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

5. Agronomy Building

The agronomy building at Iowa State isn’t many people’s first choice to study, but you should definitely check this place out. It is almost always quiet and there are little cove spots off the hallways with tables and chairs anyone can use. There is some foot traffic because this is a building that has classes within, but for the most part, it is actually very quiet and a great atmosphere to foster productivity.

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

6. Food Sciences Courtyard

One of the most under-utilized spaces at Iowa State is the courtyard in the food sciences building. The main reason for this under-utilization is that it recently had construction done and was closed for a long time so no one really knows to go in there.

This makes it another great place to study at Iowa State! Because not many people use it, it’s a quiet outdoor space. There are only a couple benches in this space, but they aren’t located on the grassy area, so if you are seeking someplace out after classes, bring a blanket and get to work!

7. Parks Library Study Rooms

Again, Parks Library at Iowa State is a great place to study. Another space here is their study rooms that are great for group work if you don’t want the extra noise the third floor brings. Even if you just need a quiet space to go alone you can use these rooms as well.

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You do have to reserve these rooms, but they are free to reserve for students, all you have to do is go to the library’s website and reserve it there. 

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

8. Lagomarcino Courtyard

Another great outdoor space at Iowa State is the courtyard at Lagomarcino Hall. Their courtyard is actually pretty big and in the back has some tables. The middle section has a couple benches but is mainly grass, so you can use that to your advantage!

This space is one of the noisier places to study because it is outside and there is a lot of foot traffic, but it is a good outdoor study space if that’s what you are looking for.

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

9. Pearson Study Spaces

Pearson Hall is located on the west side of Iowa State’s campus and mainly houses the World Languages and Culture Department as well as the Music and Theatre Department. This is a pretty busy building but last year I discovered a great space that the end of each floor’s hallway.

It’s a little study area complete with high top tables and chairs, roller chairs and tables and booth seating on one side. You can move the tables and chairs together to form a large space for group work or sit at the high top tables if you need to review something before class.

10. Design Building Lobby

The design building is one of the most western located buildings at Iowa State. It mainly houses design majors but some general education courses are held here too. The main floor of the design building holds a lot of tables and chairs great for anyone needing to look over material before class or even use it as a study area after their class.

The noise level of this space is dependant on the day and time of day you are here, like many other spaces on campus.

10 Best Places To Study At Iowa State

Love any of these study spaces at Iowa State? Let us know in the comments below!

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