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5 Best Places To Spot Dogs On UF Campus

5 Best Places To Spot Dogs On UF Campus

There's nothing better than finding a cute dog at the University of Florida. Here's our guide for the best places to spot dogs!

After a long day of lectures, labs, and discussions, there’s no better pick me up than seeing a cute dog walk by during a long trek across campus. In UF’s case, dogs are not a rare occurrence, but you do need to know where find these cuddly cuties on campus. If you’ve come for the answers to where you can find all of UF’s cutest dogs, look no further. Here’s a definitive guide for the best places to spot dogs.

1.) The Libraries

While not the best place for petting action, there are still plenty of pups to spot and gawk over in the various libraries around campus. No matter if it’s Marston Science Library, Library West or even Newell, a lot of students will bring their dogs with them when they study, as long as they are certified service or emotional support companions. Want our advice? Make sure to park it near someone with a wet-nosed study buddy so you can look at that dog as long as you want, no judgement. There’s no better reason to go to a library.

2.) Restaurants Across From University Ave

There are plenty of places to grab a bite across from campus on University Ave, a lot of them with ample outdoor seating. This is a great place to find people enjoying a meal while their dog sits with them, trying to eat their human’s food and looking adorable. You’ll pass a lot of dog walkers too – so you’ll get double the dog action in a fraction of the time. This is one of the best best places to spot dogs!

5 Best Places to Spot Dogs On UF Campus


3.) Turlington Plaza

Not a day goes by where an organization or club on campus isn’t tabling outside of Turlington Hall, and these groups have mastered the science of getting students to come to their table. Three simple words: Bring. A. Dog. Organizations like Chabad, Dance Marathon, and even Gatorwell will bring along some cute puppies to attract a crowd. But who said visiting these tables just to play with pups is a bad thing? It’s called using your resources.

4.) Yappy Hour at the CWC

A little known gem at UF, the Counseling and Wellness Center hosts a “yappy hour” every Tuesday where you can drop in and get in some good R&R with two certified therapy dogs named Siggi and Gabe. Make sure to approach slowly, offer your hand, and let the dog get comfortable with you. Before long, you will probably have a new best friend! This is a great way to get some hands-on action with the cutest medical professionals around, who are guaranteed to lower your anxiety levels and leave you feeling stress-free. You can be certain this is one of the best places to spot dogs.

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5.) Plaza of the Americas

This is, hands down, the best place to find fluffy faces! Students are constantly bringing their dogs to join them while they sit outside and study under a shady tree in Plaza of the Americas. It’s a beautiful green in front of Library West that creates an idyllic and peaceful place to study, meet up, or throw a frisbee outside. There will never be a shortage of studying students- so there will always be a supply of dogs to see! Most students are really welcoming of people who want to interact with their pets.


5 Best Places to Spot Dogs On UF Campus

And if you can’t get enough of the dogs you see on campus yourself, there’s a Twitter account that’s dedicated to spotting pups on UF’s campus! They also accept submissions, so send them your best content and you might just be featured on their page.

Know any of the best places to spot dogs that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments! The more fluffy faces, the better. Until then, happy dog spotting, Gators.
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