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Best Places To Shop On A Student Discount

Best Places To Shop On A Student Discount

A student discount is the only way some of these students can afford to survive while studying in high school or college. Today, it feels as if the economy is helping everyone but students. They can barely afford coffee, let alone to buy expensive mandatory textbooks. For this reason, students love places that give them student discounts, or simply offer products for cheaper prices/better deals.

1. Winners

Winners is perfect for shopping on a student discount because they mean it when they say you find fabulous for less. The other day I bought 3 designer pants and 1 designer shirt that would have cost at least $400 for only $110 including tax. Although you are still paying one hundred dollars, you are getting more bang for your buck. At Winners, you can pay for designer pants as cheap as $20 each and great quality shirts for $15. If you need to purchase a networking outfit that attracts an audience, you can easily get it at Winners for less. 

Best Places To Shop On A Student Discount

2. Malls

Almost every mall provides a type of student discount. You could be a high school student or a college student, and as long as you have your student ID, all mall shops will give you a discount, even designer stores. Especially if the mall is around a college or two, they will jump at the chance to give you a student discount because they know that is the only reason you will buy something. These might be restricted to the summer, as students are no longer in school. However, during the school season, you can get some pretty good discounts. 

Best Places To Shop On A Student Discount

3. Thrift Stores/Apps

Thrift Stores are great if you are shopping on a student discount. Since most of the clothes and products are hand-me-downs, the prices will be very cheap. A lot of people give away clothes they don’t fit into anymore, so you can find some pretty good clothing items. We recommend you wash them before wearing them after purchase simply to double-check. However, the thrift store has pretty good deals on clothes. If you don’t have time to visit a store, you could always download apps such as Wish, Poshmark or go onto Facebook Marketplace. Many students love to shop and sell their own items online. 

Best Places To Shop On A Student Discount

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4. Farmer’s Markets

A good place for a student discount is a farmer’s market. Especially if you live on your own, you can buy pretty good food products for a great deal that will last you a long time. Some farmer’s markets might be expensive, but usually bread, honey, and meat are sold for cheap prices. This is beneficial for students who live outside of home and school on their own. If not, they usually have a good bbq happening, so you can grab a quick and tasty hot dog/ burger. The only problem is that some farmer’s markets are not located in the heart of cities. To attend one, they are usually in the suburbs or county regions. 

Best Places To Shop On A Student Discount

5. Campus

A lot of retail stores and food venues will change their prices to benefit students if they are located near campus. Whether you belong to that school or not, all you have to do is show you are a student and they will most likely give you the same discount. These venues know that students don’t want to carry lunches with them and that students live on a budget. For this reason, they may have student specials or sales that are catered specifically to students. 

Shopping on a student discount can be both frustrating and reliving for many reasons. Therefore, hopefully, we have helped reduce the stress of finding places to visit. 

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