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10 Best Places To Shop Around UNH

10 Best Places To Shop Around UNH

Are you looking for the best places to shop around UNH? From cute boutiques, to shops for accessories and active wear, there are plenty of shops around campus.

Are you looking for the best places to shop around UNH? From cute boutiques, to shops for accessories and active wear, there are plenty of shops around campus for when you need to treat yourself.

1. Solsistar Boutique

Located at 49 Main Street Suite 103, Solsistar Boutique! The only boutique in downtown Durham! Solsistar has just the perfect amount of variety for your retail therapy. Solsistar offers clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes for you to chose from. Don’t you wish health insurance covered retail therapy? Sometimes Solsistar is a bit on the pricey side, but won’t you pay the big bucks for something super cute? Most college students on campus find good sales here. It’s right downtown Durham, which is super convenient for those who don’t have a car! If you need a cute casual outfit or even just a small accessory to pair with a cute outfit head on downtown to Solsistar!


2. Town & Campus

Do you need super trendy UNH apparel? Town and Campus is the place to go! They are always having sales for students! They offer a huge variety of clothing, hats, lanyards, or even just game day accessories! Town and Campus even offers school supplies, cups, mugs, and shot glasses if you need to get someone in your family a quick gift! Make sure you plan your trip to Town and Campus well before any game on campus! It gets especially busy during Homecoming weekend because all the students head down to get geared up!



3. Hayden Sports

Hayden Sports is in the same boat as Town and Campus, but a little bit pricier! However, if you want more water bottle options this is the place to go! This place has endless colors and designs to chose from. This is a store to bring your parent’s to whenever they come to visit. Parent’s love this store! They will want to buy apparel for themselves and you.

4. LunaChics

LunaChics is a super cute boutique just about twenty minutes down the road from campus. Unfortunately, Durham doesn’t have a huge selection to chose from, so you might have to go on a little road trip with your friends. LunaChics offers a bunch of cute retail products and accessories! They also have a huge jean selection. PLUS, there are always sales!! LunaChics carries brands like Citizens of Humanity, Paige, Hudson, 7 For All Mankind, AG, and KUT. Any brand you would want you can find at LunaChics. There is a super cute selection of jewelry too! All the jewelry is reasonably priced for all you bargain shoppers!


5. Good Juju by Ceci

A little gypsy shop located in downtown Newmarket, New Hampshire. If you need to find something cute and little for a friend this is the place to go. This store carries more than 50 local artists’ work. They have really cool jewelry, pottery, and paintings! Their prices are half reasonable too. Some things are pricier than others, but you’ll get that at any little store like this! Also, they sell furniture too. If you aren’t feeling super handy, but want a cool antique stressed dresser head on down to Good Juju! Even if you aren’t in the mood to shop this store is just fun to be in and look around!


6. Serendipity

Serendipity is another cute boutique located in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Serendipity offers a wide selection of things to look and buy. They have reasonably priced jewelry, sunglasses, and handbags. They also have higher scale jewelry if you’re looking to treat a special someone. The store carries brands like Free People, Chaser Brand, Roxy, Social Decay Brand, and Joy Susan. They always have a sale rack to choose from if these brands are a little too pricey for you.



7. Wear House

Are you looking for a good deal and super cute finds? Head down to Wear House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This is cute and fancy thrift store to find the cutest clothing. You can even bring some of your old clothes when you go. They are always looking for new merchandise to add to their store. Sometimes they have the best vintage in there. They carry every brand you can imagine, so there are endless options to chose from. It’s also fun to browse through all their merchandise. They have used jewelry, sunglasses, and accessories.

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8. Lit Boutique

A bit on the pricy side, but super cute. Everyone on campus loves Lit Boutique. They always have style advice too. If you are unsure if something looks good you can always ask the girls that are there. Their Instagram is always so up to date to keep you in the loop of their new products. Make sure you get their quickly their products go fast!

9. Summer Sessions

Do you like to surf?! This place is the one to go to if your looking for a new rash guard, wet suit, surfboard, or paddle board! They carry super cute bathing suits from Billabong, Imsy Swimwear, and O’Neill. Their beach store is located in Rye, New Hampshire, but in the winter they are located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire right near the whale lot. Anything beach wear they have! They also carry super cute snow apparel. If you like to ski and snowboard you should check out their jackets and hats. They have store apparel too, their Summer Session shirts and sweatshirts are super comfy for a lazy Sunday or a beach day.


10. Red Shoe Barn

Located in Dover, New Hampshire just down the street from campus. They carry a huge selection of men and women shoes. They have great end of season sales, so make sure you head down when a season is coming to an end. They carry shoes for any occasion. If your looking for a cute comfy boot they have it! They also have a cute selection of sandals. If you need socks or boot warmers they have it all!

Where are your favorite places to shop around UNH? Comment below!
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