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The 5 Best Places To Meditate In Houston

Sandghuru, a practicing yogi, once imparted, “Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built.” Becoming intimate with your own thoughts and relaying them to actively decide how you’ll live is a rewarding but complicated journey. Luckily, Houston offers nooks that are beneficial to those honing in on their spirituality, whether for independent use or group use. So, here are five of the best places to meditate in Houston!

1. Rothko Chapel

Chapels equated with Catholicism are a conjunction of the past. Rothko Chapel is entirely unconventional, from its brown bricked and stark outside to its unadorned inside, and was designed this way to welcome followers of all religions and practices. Its only embellishments are installed  benches upon its floors, which allows meditators to revel in the space’s calm focus and connectedness. Bring earbuds if you plan on listening to music, as the chapel has a strict noise away policy.

2. McGovern Centennial Gardens

Tucked away inside the gardens is an Asian gazebo that’s elevated from the rest of McGovern’s lush greenery. With a golden roof symbolizing prosperity and white edged, simple encasing that combines with the geometric accents, bounty is emphasized. Meditate here to feel not only unity with nature, but also gratitude for all you’ve been given and have attained in life. This is one of the most beautiful places to meditate in Houston!

3. Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center

This non-profit organization practices Sahaja Yoga, which utilizes ancient practices to reach an individual’s personal understanding, called Kundalini Awakening. They offer classes in various locations in Houston that even extend out to the Katy area as well. Meetings are free, and last for approximately an hour, once a week. Settings are typically no-nonsense as the purpose of mediation is to channel focus onto inner states.

4. Houston Zen Center

Visit the Zen Center to practice mindfulness, which is the essence of Soto Zen teachings. Meditation classes are instructed, and can include meditative walking sessions, which contrasts orthodox notions of sitting during the experience. On the first Wednesday of each month, a free class is offered, but other classes do require payment. You’ll find this facility encourages its members to practice community mindfulness as well, providing volunteer opportunities to integrate members with their neighborhood.

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5. Buffalo Bayou Park

Pack a blanket or two and situate yourself along the ebbing Buffalo Bayou River. Listen for the gentle stream of navigating water, and follow its trails of glides and bends as it makes its way from one ear past the other. Breathing, relaxing, and thinking will transpire without much of a sweat, except for a few inevitable drops from the Houston sun.

What do you think of these places to meditate in Houston? Let us know in the comments below!

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