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10 Best Places To Live Off-Campus At FSU

Welcome to another episode of *insert popular HGTV show*! This week we’ll be apartment shopping in Tallahassee for FSU students. If you are looking to finally move away from the dorm scene, I have a list of the best apartments around FSU, in no particular order. We will be looking at the pros and cons of their designs, locations, amenities, and pricing. You can trust me, I’m an expert at interior design, I have watched every episode of Fixer Upper and I am ready to go, let’s get started:

1. Stadium Enclave

Stadium enclave utilizes a more modern design in both its structure and color choices. It is located in front of Doak Campbell Stadium, an easy walk for FSU students. You will be the host for all the pre-games. They offer plenty of amenities such as a large pool area, spacious study rooms, a lounge, and a gym supplied with machines for cardio as well as weightlifting. They even offer free workout classes with Top Dog Fitness. The living areas themselves have silver appliances, spacious rooms with your own closet and bathroom. Plus, some units even include your own private balcony–I am a sucker for a dramatic balcony. They offer one, two, and four bedrooms, with bathrooms for each room. They do not advertise their pricing on their website, but here is the link to get in contact with them.

2. Urban Enclave

This is a sister complex that opened as an addition to Stadium Enclave. They are located next door. Many of the benefits of the design are the same; however, Urban is newer and has slightly more updated amenities. Follow this link to learn more.

3. Collegetown Apartments

These are apartments that are available in the Madison, the Flats, and the Odyssey. Each of these is located in Collegetown above the restaurants or buildings below them. These apartments are a little further from campus though still walkable. They follow a contemporary style with sleek concrete flooring, grey-toned cabinetry, and overall neutral features. Select apartments do have a balcony. Plus, living in the heart of Collegetown provides easy access to block parties, cute shops, and popular restaurants for happy hour. While they are known for being luxury apartments, they do not include a pool. Although, they do have an outdoor kitchen and full-access fitness center. Find out more about the individual apartments here.

4. YOUnion

There are very mixed reviews on the YOUnion; however, you can’t beat its location, pricing, and the general layout of the apartments. It includes one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments with one bathroom for each room.  It is located directly behind Degraff Hall, which means that if you cross the street you are on campus. Special features include a pool with a grilling station, hammocks, and an electric fire pit–perfect for roasting marshmallows. Plus, a study room (with a machine that makes Starbucks coffee), and a 24-hour fitness center. The apartment themselves are reasonably priced despite how close they are to campus. While some apartments boast about a large club-house and community space, YOUnion is lacking in this type of area. My personal favorite part is the kitchens, which include granite countertops, dark wood cabinets, and an overall spacious and sleek design. Pricing starts at $699 for a four-four. To learn more about their floor plans and amenities, visit this link.

5. West10

If you are not interested in taking a bus or you do not own a car, this is definitely not walking distance. It is located about two miles down the road from FSU. However, it is still popular for student living. What I love about West10 is that they have the best aspects of each apartment combined. In addition to the usual amenities such as a pool area, they also have a 24-hour market place and computer room, a private cinema, and another room dedicated to video games on X-Box’s. As far as the apartment itself, the furniture is slightly older, or rather, it appears this way. The cabinetry is a light brown, making it appear more like a country-style kitchen. Although, they do have large balconies big enough for tables to enjoy your breakfast in the morning. Starting rent for a four-four is $599. To see their beautiful complex, follow this link.

6. U Club

U Club is by far one of the cutest places to live off-campus. Spaces go quickly and often by February or March, they are filled up. The homes themselves are three stories. The first floor includes the living room and kitchen, and the second and third floors have two rooms each. If you are not looking to live with four roommates, this isn’t the place for you. Although, their amenities and modern style may just change your mind. First of all, the townhomes themselves are beautifully bright in red and yellow. They also offer two pools, two 24-hour fitness centers, and at only $709 a month. In location, pricing, and amenities, they offer everything a student would need and more for the price of those that don’t offer nearly as much. Follow their link here.

7. Forum

Forum is located down the road from West10, closer to FSU but still not walking distance. They do have the amenities typical to most of the apartments already mentioned. What makes them unique is their Starbucks coffee lounge, a car care center, and an indoor basketball and volleyball gym. My personal favorite aspects are the two-story gym and spacious clubhouse with pool tables, lounging areas, and video games. Their plans are incredibly spacious and include one, two, and four bedrooms, in a variety of layouts. Starting at $600 for four-four. To see their layouts and learn more, follow this link to their page.

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8. Catalyst

Catalyst, much like others in the area, utilize the same format of new, full-size appliances and granite countertops. Something that may bother you is the way that they lay out the apartments. The kitchen appears as if it was a galley kitchen that they gave an island which took up a lot of space that would have made the apartment appear less cramped. Aside from usual amenities, they offer a cyber cafe, as well as an area separate from the pool with private tents for relaxing with friends. They currently have two, three, and four bedrooms space available, with a four-bedroom starting at $799. If you would like to learn more, this is their link.

9. Quantum

Located on the East side of campus, Quantum is just steps from the Psychology and Education buildings. This is great for those who are planning to walk to campus. It was built in 2017, which makes the design modern and fresh. Amenities include a 24-hour fitness center, a pool with grilling stations, a study room with private study nooks, and even a mini-movie theater. The apartment itself is sleek with white cabinets and silver appliances. Plus, if you have a pet, they’re pet-friendly. However, while it is a nicer complex, it is slightly higher priced than some of the others near campus, despite being very similar in what they offer. Aside from the usual one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments, they also offer studio apartments; the cheapest of which is a four-four layout. Follow this link to apply now.

10. The Luxe

A pro and cons list could be made for the Luxe. While they offer great amenities, it is the little things that make this complex questionable, consider its starting rate is that of those who offer more. It is located across the street from Quantum, though it is cheaper. Much like the YOUnion, the pool area is modeled similarly with a grill and fire pit. One of my favorite amenities is a mini convenience store located within the complex that offers snacks and other necessities, such as soap and snacks. The cons are that the hallways themselves are dimly lit, they’re white, and there aren’t many guiding markings. I know, I know, what’s the big deal? Well, it’s a little strange, it feels like I am in a parking garage at night and I have no idea where I’m going. The layouts, depending on what you choose, are not nearly as spacious as other apartments offering the same pricing. In fact, the galley-style kitchens don’t offer much counter space at all. These are some things to consider in your decision. Just like Quantum, they offer studio apartments; but their starting cost for a four-four is $699. To compare and learn more about their plans, follow the link.

I hope that this has narrowed down your search, take plenty of time to consider your options and what you are putting your money towards. Some places appear wonderful but once you move in, that is the real test. Read the reviews and do your research. Best of luck in your search!

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