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10 Best Places To Live In Cleveland

10 Best Places To Live In Cleveland

Cleveland is a city on the rise. The city is quickly becoming a destination for young millennial’s. The city is known for it’s affordable living conditions and refurbished buildings. As someone that has lived in Cleveland for years, I’ve seen the city undergo a transformation that caters to a gowning population. Below are 10 areas and places that are perfect for millennial living in Cleveland. 

1.Ohio City 

Founded in 1818 and was originally a part of the Brooklyn Township. Originally called the city of Ohio and became an independent municipality on March 3rd, 1836 and it remained that way until it was absorbed into Cleveland in 1854.  This area attracted may immigrants in the late 19th century and early 20th century as well. By the end of WWII the area expanded and many areas were redeveloped and restored. Ohio City is unique area in Cleveland. It’s old refurbished structures and affordable housing is perfect for the millennial. Just five minutes outside of downtown Cleveland, Ohio City also boasts the popular West 25th area that is home to the legendary West Side Market, resturants, bars and so much more!

10 Best Places To Live In Cleveland  

2. Lakewood 

The Lakewood area is Cleveland’s most eclectic area. Founded in 1889 as one of Cleveland’s streetcar suburbs and Cleveland’s first suburb to the West. For year’s people in Cleveland also has known Lakewood for having a large LGBTQIA population. Lakewood is home to unique structures as well; mainly it’s two family home. You can enjoy the entertainment at bars like 16 Bit, McGintiy’s Pub and Around The Corner. Enjoy good affordable food at restaurants like Melt, Barrio, Angelo’s Pizza and much more. It’s the perfect area to start off in when moving to the city!


3. Tremont

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Cleveland! Tremont at one point was also considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Cleveland. South of Ohio City and was also a part of the Brooklyn Township until 1867. The area was also home to a larger number of immigrants as well. The area was revitalized in the late 2000’s. The area is now home to not only low income housing but affordable housing as well. The area is now home to hipsters, young professional, and immigrants as well. It’s also become a tourist attraction due to do the various famous restaurants and the house from the popular movie; A Christmas Story.  

10 Best Places To Live In Cleveland

4. Crocker Park 

Crocker Park is a large outdoor mall located in the Suburb of Westlake just 20 minutes outside of Cleveland.  The outdoor mall is also home to two different apartment buildings; Crocker Park Living and Ovation at Crocker. Both are within walking distance of several popular grocery stores and a host of clothing stores. At both Crocker Park Living and Ovation at Crocker the  apartments range from studio to three bedroom in price as well.

5.The Bingham 

Located right on West 6th street in Cleveland’s Warehouse district and surrounded by various restaurants and bars. The Bignham is perfect for the young professional in Cleveland! Offering anywhere from one to three bedroom apartments. The building is pet friendly with a dog run located on the premises. There’s also a full fitness and business center as well as a penthouse party room, game room and more! 


6. The Archer 

Also located in Cleveland’s Warehouse district. The Archer is located directly next to The Bignham. The Archer is also pet friendly and offers a full workout center, rooftop deck, theater room and more! It’s an easy commute to any of the various freeways and is located in the heart of downtown. The apartments range in price and vary from one bedroom to three bedrooms. 

7. Flats at East Bank

Located on the East Bank of The Flats. Built in 2015, the Flats at East Bank is home 241 luxury apartments and 20 floor plans on 8 stories. It’s located not to far from many of the different amenities in downtown Cleveland as well as Tremont and Ohio City. Offering one to three bedroom luxury apartments to young professional in downtown Cleveland. The apartments also aren’t far from many of the restaurants, bars and clubs located in the flats.

10 Best Places To Live In Cleveland

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8. WT Grant Apartments

No one apartment is the same in this building. I once dated a guy that lived in this building and I was fascinated by its structure. These luxury apartments are located in the heart of downtown on Euclid Ave. It’s located right next to the House of Blues, the restaurants and  bars on East 4th street as well as Playhouse Square. The WT Grant Apartments offer one and two bedroom apartments as well as two bedroom townhouses. 

9. The 9

A refurbished bank. The apartments at the Metropolitan 9 are truly unique. Called the Iconic Living at The 9. Located in Cleveland’s Gateway District the building was once a major bank in downtown Cleveland. Offering luxury and boutique one to three bedroom apartments. Every apartment has granite counter tops, walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances and much more. Every apartment also includes a view of Downtown Cleveland. The building also has two restaurants, a fitness studio, theater and indoor dog park. As well as an onsite grocery store. 

10 Best Places To Live In Cleveland

10. Terminal Tower Residences

The tower that completes the skyline. The Terminal Tower Residences are located in Cleveland’s Terminal Tower. Located right across from Gateway Plaza. The building offers over over 40 one and two bedroom apartments ranging from $1000 to $2000 in price. The building also offers luxury amenities as well being pet friendly, a rooftop deck, a fitness center and direct access to Cleveland’s Jack Casino. If you want to see some of Cleveland’s history than climb the stairs and enjoy the Terminal Tower overlook deck. 


Millennial’s finding places to live is incredibly difficult. Cleveland is quickly becoming one of those many destinations. It’s a place to start a career and raise a family. And the perfect place to make a home. 

Comment below or share some of your favorite places to live in Cleveland.

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