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The 5 Best Places To Live After College

The 5 Best Places To Live After College

Choosing where to live after college can be as difficult as your college decision was. Where to live will always be a personal preference, but if you’re having trouble deciding among places after college, here’s a list of the 5 best places to live after graduation:

1. Houston, Texas:

Living in Houston during the summer can be hot and sweaty, however every place has its downsides and upsides and Houston does not have a lot of problems. The city of Houston is up and coming so many of its imperfections and issues may very well be solved in the near future. Houston offers cheap living in relativity to many other U.S. cities, has an abundance of wonderful Tex-Mex and Barbeque food, and is filled with rich culture. The city is an exciting place to be, however with little public transportation, makes the city difficult to get to. 

The 5 Best Places To Live After College

2. Boston, Massachusetts:

Of every city in the U.S. Boston is easily one of the most varied and exciting to live in. Boston offers everything from amazing sports, to fine dining, to beautiful beaches, and everything in between. The city is always buzzing with life even on quiet nights and there is always something going on downtown. The city is accessible enough to its surrounding towns where you can easily come and go or spend a night out on the town without needing to book an expensive hotel. The cost of living is a bit high coming out of college, but the payoff and benefits are worth every penny. Living in Boston can be as exciting as you make it to be, and if you can make it through the endless winters, is an ideal place to live after college.

The 5 Best Places To Live After College

3. San Francisco, California:

Experience the amazing weather and atmosphere of California without the awful traffic and busyness of Los Angeles. The Bay Area is home of a great sports environment and is generally a beautiful place to live. The historic and winding streets of San Francisco are something that will always have the ability to be explored and discovered no matter how long you spend in the city. Living in LA can be tough and San Fran is a perfect alternative for those recently out of college who aren’t quite ready for the buzz and cost of Los Angeles. 

The 5 Best Places To Live After College

4. Miami, Florida:

Coming out of college comes with the difficult decision of where to live. There are many factors that weigh into the decision, and Miami offers many great reasons to live there. The weather is beautiful, the beach is right around the corner, and the night life is exciting. It’s practically everyone’s dream to live in the sand and sun on the beach and Miami is a perfect place to do just so. Miami has plenty to do and while it may not serve as a long term living option, is a great place to start out in after college. 

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The 5 Best Places To Live After College

5. Denver, Colorado:

Want to feel the buzz of a city while also feeling isolated and connected to a more rural environment? Denver is the perfect spot! Denver has all the feel of a city, but also offers surrounding areas with mountains, rivers, national parks, and everything outdoorsy imaginable. The winter offers a beautiful place to ski and the summer makes for great hiking and kayaking conditions, plus the sun is out almost every single day of the year. The mile high city can be a tough adjustment at first, but grows quickly on you.

The 5 Best Places To Live After College

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