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Top 10 Best Places To Hookup At Temple

Top 10 Best Places To Hookup At Temple

However you define hooking up, there are plenty of places around campus at Temple where you can. Finding alone time with your S.O. on campus isn’t always easy, so keep reading for the top 10 best places to hookup at Temple!

1. Empty classrooms.

Empty classrooms are perfect places to hookup especially in the evenings when teachers and students are done for the day. Some places on Temple campus where you can find empty classrooms are Gladfelter and Anderson halls. However, there is an added bonus to this location as well. You will become knowledgeable about different study areas besides just the library and the tech center.

2. Beury Beach at night!

Beury Beach, especially during the nighttime/evening time is almost deserted. This is a great place for a hookup because it is isolated enough that you won’t be interrupted but at the same time it’s not eerily quiet.


3. Any elevator on campus.

Get on any elevator, push the button that will take you to the highest floor. There are many buildings where you can do this. The Beury building elevator is super slow so you will get the most time even though it only has 4 floors.

4. Fraternity house basement.

If you are someone who enjoys parties, then this is the perfect location for you. Chances are that everyone around you will probably be doing the same thing. Even though frat party basements attract huge crowds, your hookup session will be extremely intimate.

5. The stacks at Paley Library!

This is a classic place to be hooking up. There are many stacks of books at the Paley library that no one goes near. Find an aisle that looks unused for this one. The only thing you would have to be careful of is the library assistants that come every so often to re stack books.

Is the library one of the best places to hookup at Temple?

6. IBC locker rooms. 

Near the locker rooms is a great place to hookup at any gym. The bonus is that you can get an another workout in addition to the one you originally came to the gym for.


7. Chemistry lab in Beury. 

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As a biochemistry major I can guarantee that chemistry labs in Beury are empty during most times. This is a great place to hookup between the lab benches. Just make sure that you don’t get yourself on any of the glass that is lying around or hit your head on the emergency shower.

8. One of the communal showers.

If you live in a place like J&H where they have communal showers, then it will be the easiest of the places to hookup at Temple. Just take precautions to wear flip flops so you don’t slip and fall in the shower.

9. In the laundry room!

Make sure to sit on top of the washer if you can during this time. The vibrations will turn you on and lead to an amazing hookup session. It is a great way to spend time while waiting for your laundry to finish.

10. In the kitchen of your apartment.

This one is perfect because if you work up and appetite later then you can easily fix yourself a snack. Plus if your kitchen is very close to your living room then you can easily move things to the couch when they get heated.

Where are your favorite places to hookup at Temple? Comment below and share the article!
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