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Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH

Whether the hook up results of good stories or just bucket list goals (although the majority of these have been proven true), why settle for the thin walls and rickety beds of the dorm rooms to hook up when you could easily, for the most part, try these 10 places to hookup at UNH instead! Be adventurous because now is the youngest you’ll ever be and believe me you’re going to want to look back at these years of your life and know you lived them to the fullest. Remember, nothing’s against the rules if you don’t get caught!

The BEST places to hook up at UNH!

1. The Little Red Wagon.

In a light wooded area of UNH sits a lonely Red Wagon. It is oh so perfectly nestled far enough off the frequently travelled pathway between Spaulding and the Performing Arts Center to offer a slightly public, adrenaline filled spot to do the dirty. Take a ride on the wild side, or should I say Red Wagon, at night or even between classes if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Try one of these places to hook up at UNH if your roommate never leaves!

2. The basement of the Dimond Library.

No matter your major, everyone can stand to spend some time studying a little anatomy and what better place to do it than the library? Whether it’s behind a stack of books or by the boiler room on the bottom floor, this trip to the library will certainly make studying a lot more fun.

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH


3. Any academic building or classroom.

Long days spent listening to lectures can make the academic buildings around UNH feel like an unwelcome place, so why not take matters into your own hands and drum up a little fun extra credit? This after class extravaganza will without a doubt have you flashing a smile as you leave. Too bad UNH doesn’t offer this course, I’m sure attendance for once wouldn’t be an issue if it did.

Which are your favorite places to hookup at UNH?

4. Cowell Stadium football field.

Someone scored in the end zone… and I don’t mean a touchdown! I can’t say for sure whether this has been done before, but you can certainly be the first (or one of few) to do it on the football field. For added flair, take on this challenge at night right under the stadium lights. However, day or night there’s no way you can go wrong; so skip the extra point, go for the two-point conversion instead and really score where it matters most.

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH

5. An excavator on campus.

This one’s not for the faint of heart and if you don’t think it’s possible I can direct you right to the source herself. UNH, at least during my years there, should be known for its constant construction especially around the gym. So why not take the time to make some playful memories on the equipment itself? If you’re feeling extra daring and in need of some “Mr. Fix It” action then step right up, into the excavator that is and get the job done!

Just be careful!

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH

6. Gables Pond.

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as time spent outside enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nature. So, with that in mind, why not really get down to your roots and do the dirty in the dirt? Well not really in the dirt itself, more like on top of it, while enjoying the scenic landscape surrounding you at the Gables Pond.

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH

7. The Whittemore Center.

The pass is complete… no interception… the ice is clear ahead, a perfect opportunity to score. The shot is made and it’s a GOAL!!!  If this makes you nostalgic for the cold winter days of hockey season while simultaneously fancying some “that’s what she said” thoughts, then this particular frolic is perfect for you.

By no means is it an easy task, but it will leave you smiling for more than one reason when the UNH hockey team scores against BU. Maybe it’s because you partake in the deep seated rivalry or maybe it’s because you’re remembering a time you oh so daringly did a little scoring of your own on the ice, in the bleachers, or by the concession stands.

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Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH

8. The hot tub at the Lodges.

Who doesn’t love some steamy, hot romance? Sneak off to the hot tubs at the Lodges, put on some Marvin Gaye, pop open a bottle of champagne, and really get it on. Of course depending on the season and hour of the day or night, your sexy time may or may not be interrupted by other residents looking to warm up or relax as well. Hey, no one’s saying you can’t invite them to join! Regardless, the off campus location accompanied by being in a hot tub will add an air of exclusivity to your romp.

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH


9. The dorm lounges.

Who said the lounges have to be just for lounging? If it’s cold outside and you’re not feeling up to adventuring far from your room, then head right down the hall and truly make your floor your home.

This can be a pretty dangerous expedition, but one certainly worth pursuing. That way the next time you’re forced into a mandatory floor meeting, stuffing forty some people into that little room, you can smile to yourself and laugh with your friends about the time or times you got lucky on the couch, chairs, table, or floor.

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH
10. A frat’s basement.

Frat houses: not really the ideal place to hook up. However, that’s not to say that it can’t be a fun, story worthy experience if you play your cards right. If you’re lucky enough to get dealt a hand that reveals an empty basement or even game room (probably either in the very late hours of the night or middle of the afternoon), then why not capitalize on that opportunity.

After all who can really beat a royal flush? Play your winning hand on the bar, DJ booth, or even pool table, wherever you find suiting and happily escape the awkwardness of hooking up in a room full of guys or back in your dorm.

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at UNH

What are some other places to hook up at UNH? Comment below for our student readers and share this article with friends!

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