Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

Sex is really fun and is meant for the bedroom, usually. But sometimes you start feeling frisky out of nowhere but you and your lover are in public. Don’t let that stop you from getting naughty. There are a lot of places that are perfect for the two of you to have kinky sex but try not to ruin it for everyone else by getting caught. We know sex is and feels amazing but try to keep your moans and screams to yourself.

1. Walmart

Walmart is known to be the best place to have kinky sex because of how big the place is. While you’re grocery shopping, it wouldn’t hurt to get down and dirty in Walmart just to say you’ve done it. Those dressing rooms and bathrooms in the front and back come handy when you’re feeling frisky.

2. Movie Theater

The movie is the perfect place to have kinky sex, but choose a movie that has either been out for a while or has a low rating because chances are no one is going to see it. Sit in the very back of the theater and when the lights go down, do your business. The best part is you don’t need to worry about being too loud, thank God for surround sound.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

3. The Backseat

Whether you park in the parking lot of the church, school, job, or drive-in movie theater, the backseat is famous for having kinky sex. As you fog up the windows, don’t forget to leave your fingerprints to mark that special moment.

4. Bar Bathroom

Having kinky sex in the bar’s bathroom should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s in every bar movie you could think of, so why not try it? Although a lot of them are disgusting, it will enhance everything in your relationship and the two of you will look back on it and laugh.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

5. The Beach

It doesn’t matter if it’s a nude beach or not, having kinky sex on the beach is a must. Have a blast getting wet, hot, and naughty at your local beach. Just try not to get sand everywhere, it won’t be pretty.

6. Laundry Room

Kinky sex in the laundry room is magic because the vibrations from the washing and drying machines make every bit of the sex enjoyable. Multitask by doing laundry and your lover.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

7. Kitchen

The food is not the only thing you can spice up in the kitchen. That’s right, sex in the kitchen is everything. Show your partner how fantastic you are at pounding, stuffing, and creaming.

8. Shower

Shower sex is the best type of kinky sex because of how hot, wet, steamy, and slippery everything gets. While you and your partner are showering together, initiate the sex by offering to soap them down, things will get heated from there. Plus, you both will be saving water.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

9. Open Field

It’s romantic to lay on a blanket in an open field, watching the sunset and stars. And those romantic feelings will soon lead to sex, but don’t let the open field stop you. Get your freak on right there on that blanket. You wouldn’t want to wait until the two of you got home because you have a chance of those feeling dying down, so don’t wait.

10. The Balcony

Kinky sex on the balcony is super kinky. If you and your partner are planning on doing this, be prepared for other people to see and hear, unless you know how to keep it down.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

11. Empty Classroom

There are a lot of colleges that leave classroom doors unlocked for an entire day. Sneak into that classroom, close the windows, turn down the lights, and do a little roleplaying (professor and student) to turn the kinky sex up a notch.

12. The Mall

A lot of clothing stores in malls have dressing rooms available for you to have the kinkiest sex. Malls are known to have a lot of family restrooms, dressing rooms, and hiding areas for people to engage in kinky sex, but make sure you aren’t too loud, it’s easy to get caught.

13. Airplane

Have you ever seen the video of the couple who pretended to have an argument on the plane only to take it to the bathroom to have sex? Well, that’s exactly what you and your partner can do. Although the bathrooms are small, it is possible to have kinky sex on the airplane. But it is easy to get caught because the flight attendant will figure out what’s going on seeing two people go inside the same bathroom at the same time. To avoid that, you can opt-out for oral sex using a blanket.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

14. The Couch

Kinky sex on the couch? Yes, please. While you’re cuddling on the couch, don’t be afraid to turn it into a makeout session, which will then turn into sex. From bending over the armrest to straddling, the couch is perfect for the kinkiest sex. Be prepared to clean up the mess before your guests sit on it.

15. Bed Of The Truck

If you own a pickup truck, you should know this already. The bed of the truck is a perfect spot to have kinky sex and it never has to be made. Park your truck somewhere secluded (or in public if you like that), lay the blanket out, and rock each other’s worlds and the truck.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

16. At Work

Your boss takes control of you when it comes to working on the company’s needs, but during kinky sex, you’re in control fo you and your partner’s dirty needs during the bathroom and lunch break. And it’s a dream for some people to have kink desk sex, so why don’t you “work late” and when everyone is out of the office, use that desk to “get busy”. Might as well knock it off your bucket list.

17. Barn

Animals aren’t the only ones who can use the barn to get wild. You and your partner can get as wild as the two of you would like in the barn, humping and howling like barnyard animals.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

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18. Childhood Bedroom

Your childhood bedroom may be full of innocent memories. But it’s imperative to slaughter that innocence with hot and kinky sex. Fool your partner by unleashing that dirty devil you’ve been hiding under those looks. Not only will it turn you and them on, but you will always remember that moment.

19. Hot Tub

The hot tub won’t be the only hot and steamy thing going on when you and your partner have kinky sex in it. Throw your swimwear off and see how many big waves you two can make.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

20. Library

You and your partner want to “study” real hard. Luckily, the library has a lot of group study rooms where you can have your privacy to focus on your hard work, but don’t study too loud, you wouldn’t want to get caught.

21. Ferris Wheel

Although having kinky sex on the Ferris Wheel is scary, some people actually like it. So, if you and your partner want to live it up dangerously, then hop on the Ferris Wheel and engage in kinky sex. Now, most people who get dirty on the Ferris Wheel usually go for fingering or blow jobs, but do whatever you please.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

22. Photo Booth

The photo booth is a nice serve place to have kinky sex. Close the curtain and get hot and heavy in there. Do not get completely naked because the curtains aren’t that long and people walking by will know what’s going on when they notice someone’s pants are at the ankles.

23. Elevator

In movies, you see a lot of people getting busy inside the elevators, like on Fifty Shades, and it looks hot. It doesn’t hurt to try to have kinky sex in an elevator, just make sure you sot the elevator before doing it (unless your partner can finish in a minute or less), it would be awkward to have the doors open while you’re going at it.

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

24. The Roof

Try kinky sex on the roof but please be careful. Sex on the roof is hot and dangerous and will surely spice the relationship up. But don’t think that people won’t see and hear you while you’re going at it.

25. Tent

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to hold off on sex. Being low on the ground allows you to explore many positions. Kinky sex in the tent is hot itself and things will get hot, temperature-wise. Ensure you have something to help you cool down once it ends (if it ever ends).

Best Places To Have The Kinkiest Sex

Sex doesn’t necessarily need to be limited to the bedroom and you are allowed to live your life freely. Share with friends and lovers, and comment on the place where you’ve had the kinkiest sex.

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