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Best Places To Have Sex Outside The Bedroom

Best Places To Have Sex Outside The Bedroom

Best Places To Have Sex Outside The Bedroom

If you are an adventurous kind of couple that is looking for a little spontaneity and danger, it’s time to look outside of your bedroom for some sexy time. Grab your partner and head to one of these places to try something new and exciting.

The Couch

The couch provides many opportunities that the bed doesn’t; all sorts of different positions that are much easier because of the back of the couch. Have your partner sit down and start with a strip tease, and take things from there. The couch is a baby set from the bedroom; naughty because your in a living space outside of your room but not too exposed. Make sure to get use out of your ottoman as well.

The Kitchen

Take full advantage of all the counter space and spacious areas of the kitchen to get into it. The kitchen is little kinky and offers new positions that you can’t try in the bedroom. Grab some chocolate sauce for some go to body paint. Jump up on the counter and wrap your legs around your SO. The best part about the kitchen is that it’s suppose to get messy.

The Car

Just like in your teen years, when you would blush and kiss in the car outside of your house. The car is a great place to lock in some sexy time outside of the bedroom because it’s easy get somewhere private. Make sure you find a place that isn’t very populated, preferably an empty parking lot off the beaten path somewhere. Although you have to great creative with positions, use your imagination and your flexibility. The car is a great out of the bedroom first step for couples; it’s your own place without being too exposed. Also, you can always start with foreplay before you park, if you know what I mean.

The Great Outdoors

If you are feeling the weather, take off camping for a couple of days with your partner and set up a tent in your own exclusive spot. Make sure you are not in sight of the any roads and you bring extra clean up supplies, but outside sex can be exciting and freeing. Try in the tent at first, and if you’re feeling extra frisky get buck ass naked and try it outside in nature. Try going on a hike and give your SO a treat at the top of the mountain to climb; just remember to save some energy and bring a blanket.


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A Balcony

Find yourself a balcony and start getting some dirty thoughts. Balconies are great for adventure sex because of all the handhelds that available. You can keep it simple and have your partner stand behind you and try to keep it quiet, as long as you have a skirt on. Or you can you go for it and throw caution to the wind for some right down dirty sex in public.

A Dressing Room

Pretend that you need some advice on your clothing selection and sneak your SO into the dressing room with you. Be prepared to be turned on by the exposure of it all and the fact that people are literally right on the other side of the very thin wall. Make sure to be quiet and pretty fast; this isn’t one of those long and drawn out loving sessions. Also, take advantage of those tall, full length mirrors that are provided.

Sex can be adventurous and exciting as long as you remember to mix it up a bit. Try out some of these places to keep your partner on their toes. What’s your favorite place to get dirty with your partner outside of the bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!