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Best Places To Hang Out On Iowa State’s Campus

Best Places To Hang Out On Iowa State’s Campus

Iowa State is a big campus and in turn, has many places where students can hang out. Sometimes it can get confusing on where to go and what places are good and not so good for what you want to do or achieve. Well, here are 6 of the best places to hang out at Iowa State.

1. Central Campus

Iowa State has one of the most beautiful campuses across the nation. The best place to take in all the wonderful nature on campus is on central campus. Nestled between Curtis Hall and Beardshear Hall, this is a vast open and grassy area to chill out on. Many students bring their hammocks and you can hang them up in our designated hammock area. 

This is also a great space if you and your buddy want to throw a frisbee around before, between, or after class. A lot of events are also held on campus here. They range from club setups to things like a business week. You can even get free food here sometimes!


The Fall is a perfect time to come, sit, and relax on Iowa State’s central campus. The vast amount of trees paints a breathtaking picture when the leaves change.

2. Lake Laverne

Another outdoor spot at Iowa State is Lake Laverne. Lake Laverne is home to two male swans, Lance and Ellie, who stay all year except winter. For a college campus, this is a pretty decent size body of water. Iowa State evens tocks it with fish so if you are just looking for something to kill time go fishing! (but make sure to get a fishing license first!)


There are benches set up around the perimeter of the lake every so often so you can relax there and start on some homework, or even just take in its beauty. There is also a gravel path that goes behind the lake on the south side that is shaded by trees. South of that trail is even more grass space that you can sprawl out on if you to relax, read, or if you just need a place to escape.

Some students bring a blanket and a book or some homework and lounge out here if they want a semi-quiet and relaxing place to work on things. During the spring and summer Iowa State even gets geese, so watch out for those creatures at this location! They are peaceful until you mess with them. 


3. M-Shop

The M-Shop at Iowa State is where a lot of productions are put on be it improv comedy, senior play productions, and even bands come to play here. This is always a great place to go to catch a concert, but if you just need somewhere to work or even eat lunch, check this spot out.

When they aren’t hosting various productions, they have tables and chairs set up around the interior so students can come in and eat lunch, chat, hang out, or do homework. It has a great ambiance that will put anyone in a productive mood. 

Sometimes this space can get full quickly, especially during the lunch hour. It fills quickly because it is located on the lower floor of the Memorial Union, which apart from Parks Library is probably one of the most consistently populated buildings at Iowa State.


4. Lagomarcino Courtyard

The last outdoor space in this article is Lagomarcino Hall’s courtyard. This is one of, if not the biggest courtyard on Iowa State’s campus. It has three different spaces. The first part is just an open grassy area with a couple benches, then you come to a brick area with a few more benches and a fountain on the west side, and in the back are tables and chairs if you needed that to work.

There is a lot of foot traffic in this courtyard because there is a small cafe attached to it so people are always coming and going. But hey, at least you are close to some coffee! This is a great spot if you are waiting for your class to start or class got out but you wanted to do some homework before you went home. 


There are also a good amount of trees in this courtyard, so there’s always shade if you don’t want to be hit by the sun’s constant rays. 

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5. Parks Library

Parks Library is probably one of Iowa State’s most populated area or building at one time. Parks library has 4 floor and 7 tiers and they just renovated the lobby for more workspaces. This is a great place if you want to hang out and do your homework.

You can even reserve a study room if you have a group project or presentation you need to work on. The third floor is the social floor. This is where noise is tolerated the most since this is the space students can work collaboratively but also the floor where students meet with their tutors. 

If you needed to hang out and study and actually wanted to focus, then check out the tiers. They may be a little spooky, but one of the quietest places at Iowa State. No one will disturb you, even if you went here to just get away and have some peace. 


6. Memorial Union

Whether you are here to study or just chill the Memorial Union is a perfect spot for any Iowa State Student. Memorial Union is home to a food court, including Panda Express, and a huge eating area filled with tables. Many students enjoy their lunch here as well as meeting with groups or starting on homework.

Upstairs is a lounge area that has comfortable seating, tables, and charging stations complete with any phone charger you might need. There are also a couple other spaces with comfortable seating you can go to relax, take a nap between classes, or hang out with your friends. 


Where do you like to hang out on Iowa State’s campus? Let us know in the comments below!

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