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Best Places TO Go On A First Date

Best Places TO Go On A First Date

First dates can be stressful. You are meeting someone for the first time and you have to figure out how to show your best self. They will be getting to know you and deciding on whether or not they see some sort of future with you. Not to mention you have to think about if you see a compatible future. That whole experience can be nerve wracking and it can be difficult to navigate it. The first step in having a perfect first date is to pick the right location. The location will set the tone for the date. It will decide if you want the focus to be on excitement or romance or any other possible vibes. Spending on the city you live in, there are probably countless options to choose from. It can be hard to figure out the right spot. Think carefully about what you want and what you enjoy about first dates. Here are some locations that will make for great first date spots, and pick one that matches your wishes. If all goes well, this will be a location that will be saved in your memories for a long time.

Mini Golf

1. Mini Golf

Why not make your first date a competition? That will make both of you really focused and entertained by everything that is happening. However, it shouldn’t be anything that is too high stakes or requires too much energy. Make it a friendly competition. It can be something that will bring out your competitive sides but you two will still be having a pleasant time together. That is why mini golf is the way to go. Mini golf may not appear that exciting, but you could make it a lot of fun. You two will be trying to show off for each other and running all over the place. It won’t require too much effort so you won’t get tired out, but you will get to use some strategic thinking. It is great when it is a beautiful day out and you want to get some air. Plus, winning means that your date can see how talented and mildly athletic you are. So grab that golf club for a date that is sure to be a hole in one.

Movie Theater

2. Movie Theater

It is nice to have something to bond over. If you go through a similar experience, then you will automatically have something to talk about. On a first date, it can be difficult to figure out what to have a conversation about. If you go to the movies on your first date, there is an instant conversation. The actual experience of going to see a movie may not seem like a great first date. You are going to be in a dark room where you have to sit in silence for two hours. However, the great part of the date comes after the movie. Once it is done, the two of you can go sit in the lobby or go on a little walk. That is when you both can talk about the film. You can see what you each liked and disliked and figure out if there are any crossover of opinions between the two of you. You may even be able to bring up a story that connects to a plot of the film so that you can reveal a little bit of yourself. Your thoughts on a film can show off your personality, which means you will learn about your date’s personality as well.


Picnic In The Park

3. Picnic in the Park

Having a meal may seem like a classic first date. However, going to a nice restaurant is not always the best choice. It can feel too formal and a little awkward. That is why if you want to eat something with a date, how about you have a picnic in the park? Wait for a day where it is gorgeous with just the right amount of sun. Find a large grassy park and lay down a picnic blanket. Then one or both of you can bring some sandwiches, snacks, desserts, or more. Bringing your own food can show immediately what you like and you can see if you two both like the same food. The two of you can lounge on the blanket and be able to relax together when eating your food. It will help the two of you feel comfortable around each other. Then when the date is done, you don’t have to leave the park right away. You two can lay down on the grass and watch the clouds and talk about the world. This will create a true bond where you can be comfortable in each other’s presence. Enjoy your picnic and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.


4. Concert

A first date should be all about having fun. There should not be any awkward moments where one or both of you feel uncomfortable or bored. You two should try to have a fun time together. That is what makes a concert an excellent first date. You two can decide on the concert together, so you are already learning about each other’s tastes in music, and see if your music tastes are compatible. Then once you get to the concert, the exciting times begin. Depending on the concert that you pick, you two will be dancing the night away. You two can dance together and see if you have chemistry wile moving. Then you two can be singing the songs to each other and be as carefree as you can. There will never be a dull moment. There will always be something happening when you are at a concert, and you are sure to get some wonderful entertainment. Afterwards, you two can talk about the concert and see if you liked the same parts and the songs. Get ready for some wild times and a first date that feels like a party.

Ice Cream Shop

5. Ice Cream Shop

You should try to have a sweet time when you are going out. And what is sweeter than a date for ice cream? The two of you will make a connection over cups of cookies and cream. Even though they both involve eating, this is different than going on a date at a restaurant. You won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of waiting for your food while sitting across from each other. Ice cream will come as soon as you get it and there could be tables where you can still close next to each other, maybe even with some knees touching. Or you could carry your ice creams around while taking a walk. A walk can lead to some fun observations that you can comment on to each other. You also don’t have to worry about getting too full on a meal like at a restaurant. Ice cream is light and the date can go on even after you finish. You two can talk to each other about the merits of different ice cream flavors which may lead to other witty conversations. Enjoy your delicious treats and your first date may have a sweet ending.

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6. Arcade

You should try to come across as a fun person on your date. You don’t want to seem boring and aloof. Let your exciting side out so that your date can see that you are wonderful to be around. That is why you should have your date at an arcade. An arcade may seem a little childish, but that is exactly why it would be a terrific first date. It will allow both of you to be youthful and to let loose. You will be too busy having a crazy time to be nervous. There is so much that you can do at an arcade. You can play all sorts of video games, throw some basketballs, use a claw machine, and more. If you are lucky, you could even win a prize for yourself or for your date. You will constantly be talking about the different games that you can play and the different strategies for winning. There can also be conversations about old memories you have and why certain games are your favorite. Don’t be afraid to show your wild self on a first date. If you are spending the whole date laughing and playing around, then that is the sign of a successful date.


7. Bookstore

It is great to learn about another person’s interest on a first date. It helps you figure out each other’s interests and see if you are truly compatible. While it is easy enough to talk about these interests, it would be even better if you saw some of these interests in action. That is why a bookstore could be a cool spot on a first date. This is not really the typical first date idea that comes to someone’s mind, but that makes it all the more cool and unique when you suggest it. When you get to the bookstore, you both can look around together. You can see what genres your date prefers and learn why. It’s possible that you both have a shared genre interest, so there is something to work off of for conversations. You could  give them a book recommendation that you think that they might like. If they do like it, it will show that there is a positive connection there. Then you can go to a cafe in the store for some more conversations while sitting and with a coffee. Books can say a lot about someone, so see what they say about your date.