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10 Best Places To Get Your Caffeine Boost At UNC

10 Best Places To Get Your Caffeine Boost At UNC

Need a coffee boost? At UNC the coffee choices are unreal. The cafes at UNC can't be beat. You won't be tired on campus since UNC coffee game is excellent.

Coffee, coffee, coffee. I’m 99% sure that coffee runs in the blood of every UNC student. How else are we supposed to keep up with our school work, clubs and social life? Whether you’re trying to plan a coffee date or are just bored of the usual coffee shops on campus, here are some places where a typical UNC student can grab his/her caffeine fix.

1. Perennial

Location: 403 W. Franklin
Recommended drink: Mint Latte

This brand new addition to Franklin Street gives “artsy coffee shops” a whole new meaning. Perennial is two stories, features a beautiful staircase and foliage-inspired decor throughout the cafe.


2. Saladelia Cafe

Location: Marsico Hall, 125 Mason Farm Road
Recommended drink: Iced Vietnamese Coffee

Saledilia is another amazing gem of a coffee shop hidden in the massive campus of UNC. When you want to escape the huge masses of UNC’s undergrad students, head to Marsico Hall to enjoy some great food and specialty coffee.

3. The Meantime Coffee Co.

Location: Campus Y, 180 E Cameron Ave
Recommended Drink: Chai Latte

This student-run coffee shop is a great place to grab a quick coffee or tea drink in between classes. The Meantime is an awesome place to meet other fellow Tar Heels over a cup of locally roasted coffee. Also, the sweet potato muffins are to die for!

4. Friends Cafe

Location: Health Sciences Library, 335 S Columbia St
Recommended Drink: Iced Mocha

No, this coffee shop has nothing to do with Friends, the TV show. However, this is yet another great place to get your caffeine boost and a small sweet treat. It’s located in the Health Sciences Library ensuring success in keeping UNC students awake as they power through late night study sessions.


5. EspressOasis

Location: FedEx Global Center, 301 Pittsboro St.
Recommended Drink: Mocha Milano

This is by far one of my favorite places on campus. You will find me studying here in the beautiful Global Center sipping one of the amazing specialty coffee drinks almost every day. EspressOasis features drinks made with coffee from around the world.

6. Stone and Leaf Cafe

Location: UNC Student Stores
Recommended Drink: Iced Toffee Nut Latte

Stone and Leaf recently opened this summer in the UNC Student Stores. Being in a central part of campus, Stone and Leaf is a great place to study between classes, grab a quick snack and enjoy your favorite Starbucks drink.


7. Caffe Driade

Location: 1215 E Franklin St
Recommended Drink: Cafe Mocha

This coffee shop looks like it came out of a fairy tale. Driade is hidden in the woods along Franklin Street. Driade is a great date place with chill vibes and lots of greenery!

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8. Rams Starbucks

Location:104 Ridge Rd
Recommended Drink: Cool Lime Refresher

Of course Starbucks is on the list. This is the best place to get a classic Starbucks drink or try some of the deliciously sweet (and sometimes odd) seasonal drinks. This location is the go-to study spot on South Campus and open until midnight.

9. Cafe Carrboro

Location:  401 E Main St
Recommended Drink: Caravan Latte

One word: Sunday. This is the perfect place to come on Sunday. They have a great brunch and delicious coffee that’s not too sweet, but the perfect balance of milk, espresso and flavoring syrup.


10. Open Eye

Location: 101 S Greensboro St
Recommended drink: Iced Mocha

Open Eye is a large coffee shop in Carrboro, not too far from campus. The plethora of space and comfy chairs makes it a great place to study or just grab a drink with friends.

And here you have it! These are the best, but not the only, places for UNC students to try new coffee and experience a new coffee shop atmosphere.
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