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Best Places To Get Food At Rutgers New Brunswick

Best Places To Get Food At Rutgers New Brunswick

Aside from excelling at academics and being a historic university chartered in 1776,  Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey is famously known for two things. Losing football games and its good eats in New Brunswick. If you are a fan of college football or live in the tri-state area you will know that the 2019 football season is far from different. In our most recent games, we’ve respectively lost to Maryland 48-7, and Indiana 35-0. All I can say is “Thank God for food!” How else are us students, alumni, and Rutgers fans alike, supposed to drown in our sorrows? Luckily for us, unlike catching touchdowns, Rutgers does food right. Whether your craving a sandwich, wings, a nice dinner or a late-night feast, Rutgers has all your munchies covered. Here are the best places to grab a bite to eat at Rutgers New Brunswick. 

1. The RU Fat Sandwich

Possibly more famous than Rutgers football itself, the RU fat sandwich can be found all over the Rutgers Campus. Imagine all of your favorite appetizers stuffed together into one gigantic morsel of a sub. With way over 30 options, you can satisfy all your cravings. My personal favorite is the Fat Knight which consists of no less than cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and marinara sauce. Back in my hay day, after a long night of drinking and partying, I would be able to throw back not one but two of these babies to end the night, which could be an underlying cause to my acid reflux today, but worth it none the less. Unfortunately, the famous Rutgers food trucks on College Ave at the end of Hamilton Street no longer exist,  but you can still get your hands on one at almost any pizza place in the New Brunswick/Rutgers area.

2.  Stuff Yer Face

If you are looking for great food and a happy hour Stuff Yer Face is the place to be. Located at the end of Easton Ave, Stuff Yer Face is known for its giant fish bowls and strombolis or “bolis’ as they call them. They also have a unique twist on nachos as they substitute tortilla chips for potatoes and obviously call them “potachos”. Every stromboli is made fresh to order with an endless amount of toppings to choose from. If you haven’t tried their bolis your not living! The fishbowls are also where it’s at.  “60 ounces of fun” as Stuff Yer Faces calls them, these giant delicious drinks will make you forget you’re drinking 60 ounces of liquor and most importantly forget the score of the football game. So it’s a win-win even when we lose!


3. Wings Over

If you’re looking for wings say no more! Wings! I said wings, not wins. When it comes to the best chicken in New Brunswick Wings Over Rutgers is where it’s at. Located on Easton Ave, just minutes away from the center of College Ave, Wings Over is the perfect game day meal when you don’t feel like leaving your house. With over 25 options for both boneless and bone-in wings paired with a pile of tots or waffle fries, you can’t go wrong.  My favorite is the honey barbeque boneless wings paired with parmesan waffle fries. I would normally go with something hotter such as their “Crusin’ Altitude” buffalo wings but with my past fat sandwich habit and my recent acid reflux, I can longer partake in anything spicy. Wings Over doesn’t just stop at wings either. They have everything from sandwiches, to wraps, and ribs to salads. If you have yet to experience Wings Over Rutgers I suggest you do. You won’t be disappointed like we are every Saturday.

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4. Hansel and Griddle 

It’s now late Sunday night and you’ve spent all-day sleeping off your wicked hangover from Saturday night’s festivities. If only Rutgers partied like they played football and you wouldn’t be feeling like you’ve been sacked  6 times in one night. Anyway, the headache is finally starting to fade and your munchies are kicking in. The only problem is that it’s late on a Sunday and you’re wondering  “where can I find great food at this hour?” That’s where Hansel and Griddle come to the rescue. One of if not my favorite spots at Rutgers New Brunswick, Hansel and Griddle have all your munchy needs. They are located on Easton Ave but you wouldn’t even need to leave your room as they deliver until 3 a.m.They have a giant menu ranging in everything from breakfast to burgers to quesadillas which they call crisps.  My favorite is the “Cocco Crisp” which is roast beef, fries, bacon, and cheddar jack, melted into a quesadilla. There is a lot of good things on the menu and it might take a while to figure out what you want but Hansel and Griddle took care of this problem by labeling their 20 bestsellers right on the menu! Next time you have the munchies check them out. You don’t want to drop the ball on this!


5. Steakhouse 85 Restaraunt

Last but not least on the list is Steakhouse 85 . Located right on Church Street in the heart of New Brunswick, Steakhouse 85 prides itself as being the Official Steakhouse of Rutgers Athletics. It is where you go after the game when you’ve outgrown the party scene. Maybe your an alumni coming back to support the Knights and after yet another upsetting loss you want to gorge yourself with a nice surf n turf instead of drowning in a  kegger like the good old days. Don’t worry you can still get your drink on with their full-service bar stocked with savvy cocktails and an award-winning wine list except instead of drinking in a dark sweaty frat house basement you are in an upscale restaurant with live jazz music playing in the background. Their menu is composed of classic American cuisine with their own twist. They pride themselves with their beef serving only the best dry-aged steaks seared perfectly on their 1200 degree cast iron grill. Steakhouse 85 sure knows how to pack the house so make sure you make a reservation ahead of time!

 The list of places to grab food at Rutgers New Brunswick can go on and on! Let us know the places you’ve tried in the comments below and don’t lose faith in our beloved Scarlett Knights! 

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