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10 Best Places To Eat Near Suffolk University

10 Best Places To Eat Near Suffolk University

10 Best Places To Eat Near Suffolk University

You’re low on your meal plan, you’re a commuter without a meal plan, you don’t want to pay for overpriced cafeteria food, or you just want to eat something that isn’t from Sodexo, That’s all perfectly valid. The thing about going to Suffolk, that all the ads on the T and around Boston say, is that you are at the heart of Boston and that means there are tons of great places to grab a bite before, between, and after classes or even if you’re just in the area because you live in the dorms or you’re downtown anyway. But with so many options, it might be hard to choose so here are ten of the best places to eat at near Suffolk University.


Even if you don’t go to Suffolk, if you’re downtown and don’t go to Emmets, you’re missing out. Great cocktails and hearty Irish meals and general pub fare all for a decent price in a cozy pub that tourists don’t overcrowd. And it’s right next to 73 Tremont, easy to pop into after or between classes. They have great sandwiches and a homey beef stew that will warm you right up going into a New England winter with classic Irish tunes playing at all hours. In the evenings there’s also a live music for a few hours that only adds to how its one of the best places to eat downtown.

Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

Owned by the same people as Emmets, Carrie Nation is a quiet cocktail bar right across the street from Emmets next to the 10 Somerset dorm building. It’s got that speakeasy vibe and if you know your prohibition history, you might enjoy the the irony of the place’s namesake and all the little axes on the menus and decor. It’s a great place to have a treat and feel a little classier without breaking the bank. They don’t skimp on their cocktails and have amazing flatbreads, affordable oysters, and a cookie platter dessert.



Brunch is by far the best meal of the day and on your way to or from Sawyer or 20 Somerset, Fill-A-Buster is a great place to eat or grab something to-go. They serve all your favorite brunch and comfort foods over the counter until 6PM. They tend to be incredibly busy so you’re probably going to have to get your food to-go but hunker down in the Sawyer lobby or one of the cafes in 20 Somerset or 73 Tremont with your pancakes, egg sandwich, or kebabs.

Zen Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar

Across the street from the Athenaeum, next to the City Convenience, Zen has decently priced sushi without having to go into Chinatown and being late to your next class. You might even see some professors there during the day. Zen has all sorts of sushi rolls and donburi (rice bowls), fried or grilled appetizers like takoyaki, and an assortment of sake and Japanese beers. 

sushi roll

Wen’s Noodles and Ramen

If you’re in the mood for ramen or noodles, Wen’s on Tremont street has good priced bowls of Japanese ramen and noodles as well as rice dishes. They have a nice sit down space and don’t get too crowded. The food is also well priced and it’s right by the 150 dorms. They also offer a variety of bubble tea!

Sal’s Pizza

Technically in the same building as the 150 Tremont dorms, Sal’s is an easy and quick place to grab generous slices of pizza before, between, and after classes, and when the dorm cafeteria closes early on the weekends. There’s isn’t exactly sit down space, just standing room at counters, but it’s still one of the best places to eat. I have gone into Sal’s in my pajamas during a snowstorm close to midnight on a weekend night and the owner is one of the friendliest people.


Fajitas and Ritas

Right by the 10 West dorms, Fajitas and Ritas is another one of the best places to eat close to the dorms and class buildings. You can customize a plate of nachos with as many or as little toppings you want and order frozen margaritas by the pitcher. You start off with a free tray of chips and salsa that are refillable too and the place has fantastic service and a great atmosphere to hang out with friends or even dine alone.

Quincy Market Food Court

Being in downtown Boston means being around a lot of tourists, but it also means being near places like Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. The Quincy Market food court has an incredibly variety of food ranging from pizza to clam chowder bread bowls to Indian to Greek to just candy. It can be slightly pricey because of it being a tourist spot but off-season, you could be able to find a place to sit and enjoy your meal.

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fresh shrimp


Faneuil Hall has a number of restaurants and bars as well. One place with a good price for the quantity and quality is a chain restaurant that serves Japanese fare ranging from donburi to ramen to Japanese curry. Their ramen is great and they have an awesome chicken katsu curry rice dish. They also serve free green tea!

Food Trucks

In the Common by the big fountain, city hall plaza, and a little farther off by the merry-go-round just outside of Faneuil, there are a variety of food trucks from places like Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Maria’s Taqueria, Wahlburgers, and Cookie Monster, as well as trucks that serve Korean bibimbap, hot dogs, and tacos.

pink food truck

Downtown Boston has tons of great food options, narrowing it down to the best ten still leaves out a number of great places that you could also try out. You’re within walking distance of Chinatown and a T stop away from the start of Newburry Street. The North End is also right at your fingertips and that is a whole area full of great Italian eats if you’re willing to walk that little bit more.

What are some of your favorite places to eat around Suffolk University?

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