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The 10 Best Places To Eat In New York City

The 10 Best Places To Eat In New York City

New York City, The 10 Best Places To Eat In New York City

New York is known for having large crowds, unforgettable architecture, and even lively nightlife.  It truly is a city that never sleeps. So, of course, many tourists pack up and make plans to visit the city at least once. Usually, they’ll make plans to visit popular tourist sights like Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. But did you know the large city is not home to some of the best sightseeing and broadway shows but also amazing food? In general, we don’t think of the United States as having great food, but New York City is certainly one of the exceptions.

In fact, many people consider the destination to not only have some of the best food in the United States but in the world. The destination is home to some of the most talented chefs around and many popular food trends have originated from the city. New Yorkers value good food and creativity, so it’s no wonder the city is filled to the brim with great food. New York City also has a history of various people from different nationalities moving to the city, so there are various cultural influences on the food here. Thanks to this, not only does the food taste great, but there is also a ton of variety. Whether you’re searching for a classic American burger or authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you can probably find it in New York City!

So even if you’re hesitant about visiting New York City for the touristy sites, you should definitely still go if you’re a foodie. The location is home to some of the best food out there. Even if you were already planning on going, definitely make sure to try some New York City restaurants, because you won’t regret it. Plus, the good news is finding great food in New York City is easy. With that being said, there are certain restaurants that are absolutely outstanding and are better than the rest of the places offered. Some food places you definitely HAVE to visit. Here are the 10 best places to eat in New York City!

1. Bleecker Street Pizza

Can you really see you went to New York if you didn’t try the pizza? The New York style of pizza is absolutely delicious with its signature thin crust. To get a slice that is not only authentic but delicious, you must go to Bleeker Street Pizza. The no-frills pizza shop serves amazing slices on paper plates. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff will make your pizza experience here unforgettable. 

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

2. DO, Cookie Dough Confections

Many of your fave edible cookie dough containers at the grocery store started in New York City. But the experience at the DO shop is better than anything you’ll have at home. You can really go all here and order a variety of flavors from the basic chocolate chip to red velvet cookie dough. The dough is scooped like ice cream, and you can even have it served on a cone. A must-visit for those with a sweet tooth!

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

3. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Ever heard of a cronut? The food is a combination of a donut and croissant and it took the food world by storm. The marvelous invention originated at this bakery and regardless of whether the cronut appeals to you or not you should still visit the store. The bakery is run by award-winning pastry chef Dominique and there are a variety of amazing baked goods you can try here. 

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

4. Noda

If you are looking for something more elegant and expensive, then you should consider visiting Noda. The high-end Sushi restaurant is home to unique decor and a fancy atmosphere. The sushi itself is also of course amazing.

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

5. Broadway Bagel

You absolutely must try the bagels if you visit New York City. Not only are the bagels at this shop delicious, but they are also fresh. They are way better than the bagels you can get at home. And thanks to that, the only downside to visiting this shop is that the cheap grocery store ones you get at home will never satisfy you again.

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

6. Los Tacos No. 1

Cheap, unpretentious, and absolutely delicious, this taco place boasts some of the best Mexican food in the city. The shop is affordable and every meal you get here is guaranteed to be tasty.

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

7. John’s Coffee Shop

The coffee here is absolutely divine, and we can see why the diner is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike. The coffee served here is cheap but absolutely delicious, with various drink choices to choose from. But the food is of course where things stand out, with brunch classics like pancakes and eggs. It might be simple, but it sure is tasty food you can have.

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 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

8. Daniel

If you want classic fine dining in NYC, then you should check out Daniel. The high-end restaurant is filled to the brim with frivolous and tasty food. The restaurant has an excellent ambiance and every dish is made with care. If you’re of age, the wine here is also amazing and goes perfectly with the food here.

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

9. Ice & Vice

Less know but absolutely amazing is the ice cream at Ice & Vice. The ice cream here is great and you can choose from a variety of flavors. You can get delightfully over the top with crazy toppings like a slice of cake or get an aesthetically pleasing look with the cones that come in colors like blue or pink. The Ice cream is sweet and tasty. 

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

10. Black Iron Burger

These burgers are over the top and super tasty. You can get various types of burgers and they are all crazy amazing. The burgers are made fresh and with quality meat. They can come served with a delicious side of fries. This is most certainly the place to go if you’re craving a good burger well exploring the city.

 the 10 best places to eat in NYC

Are there any other places in NYC with good food? Comment below and tell us!

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