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The 10 Best Places To Eat Around Liberty University

The 10 Best Places To Eat Around Liberty University

Liberty University is a great school to attend and visit and is surrounded by a lot of great restaurants that you need to try at least once when you are in the area. 

1. Babylon Mediterranean Grill

Babylon Mediterranean Grill is a highly rated restaurant. It is 2.8 miles away from the Liberty University campus. This is a place worth taking a break from studying to eat at or a casual meeting place to visit for lunch or dinner. The Mediterranean restaurant focuses on authentic food with the freshest ingredients. They are also not shy about the portion size. All contributing to an excellent experience. Along with great service and welcoming staff, making it a place you need to visit this week and if you can not make it, they deliver with DoorDash.

2. Pho Saigon Palace

Pho Saigon Palace is a Vietnamese restaurant that is about 8 to 10 minutes away from Liberty University. The restaurant offers high-quality fresh food that you are going to love with large portion sizes. The wonderful staff contributes to making a meaningful dining experience. You can not beat having delicious food while eating healthy without knowing you’re eating healthy. That is the best combination. The atmosphere is very inviting. The restaurant will have you wanting to come back several times this week. If you have a break in your day today, you could go over there now. 


3. Crisp 

Being able to find healthy options on a college campus can sometimes be difficult. Crisp is located about 14 minutes away from Liberty University. Even though it is not right around the corner, I promise you it is worth traveling the distance. Crisp is a salad and juice bar that makes eating healthy food enjoyable while paying an affordable price. How can you beat that? Two wins. Eating food good for you while leaving you with spending money. Crisp uses the freshest ingredients and offers a large selection of salads and wraps to choose from with the options to build your own. Allowing you to be in control of your food options. Stop by and create your own healthy meal, just the way you like it. 

4. Westside Deli

Westside Deli is one of the best restaurants that you can visit when you are around Liberty University. The restaurant has a great large food selection of sandwiches, salads, and soups. There are also 27 specials to choose from if you need help choosing a meal option. If you want more control in your food options,  then you have the option to build your own sandwiches at a reasonable price. The staff is great at providing excellent service. Overall, you will love this place. If you are around Liberty University the Westside Deli is 10 minutes or 3.4 miles away.  


5. Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is located on 4026 Wards Road in Lynchburg, VA. The restaurant is only 7 minutes from Liberty University. Blaze Pizza has some of the best pizza in Lynchburg. The pizza is made in front of you and cooked while you are waiting. Blaze is one of the few restaurants that care about individuals’ health concerns to make sure everyone is healthy. One way they do this is by offering gluten-free options. The crust options that are offered are original dough, high-rise dough, cauliflower crust, and KETO crust. Secondly, the company accommodates people who have food allergies. It is taken seriously.

6. Muscle Maker Grill

Muscles Maker Grill is for health conscientious individuals who want to eat well and maintain their healthy body goals. The health food restaurant is located about 2.4 miles or about 6 minutes from Liberty University. Muscle Maker Grill is a bit expensive but the benefit the food has towards your body is worth the price.  Depending on your fitness goal, there is a meal here for you. There are protein shakes, skinny flatbread, healthy wraps, fit bowls, low carb sides, and fresh greens. All off these options are low in calories to maintain your weight while fueling your body with nutrients. When you eat at Muscle Maker Grill I can guarantee you will be able to keep up your healthy body goals with their food options.


7. Milan Indian Cuisine

Milan Indian Cusine is located about 7 minutes or 1.9 miles away from Liberty University. The restaurant is highly rated especially for their lunch buffet. If you have never tried Indian Cuisine before then Milan Indian Cuisine restaurant is the best place to have your first experience with Indian food. 

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8. Blue Ridge Bagels

Liberty University students tend to love visiting the Blue Ridge Bagels restaurant. It is about 4.2 miles or 6 minutes away from Liberty University. Blue Ridge Bagels is considered a hidden gem in Lynchburg, VA. There are fantastic beagles, service, and experience.  Why not come to this restaurant. Once you try Blue Ridge Bagels you are going to make it a point to wake up early to have breakfast with them as often as possible trust me. If you have a gluten allergy, Blue Ridge Bagels has made it a high priority to provide gluten-free food that’s integrity is not compromised. Blue Ridge Bagels is only open from 6am to 2pm Monday to Saturday, so and plan accordingly to make sure you can partake in their delicious food. 


9. Vinny’s Italian Grill

Vinny’s Italian Grill is an authentic traditional Italian restaurant and offers some of the best pizza near Liberty University. The restaurant is about 6 minutes away from the school. The Italian food is so good you are going to want to keep coming back until you have tried everything on the menu. 

10. La Carreta

Looking for an authentic Mexican cuisine then La Carreta is a restaurant you need to try. La Carreta is on 8210 Timberlake Rd. in Lynchburg, VA. It is about 10 minutes from Liberty University. The food is amazing. You are going to want to try everything on the menu. The food is reasonably priced and has great portion sizes. The Arroz Con Pollo is a dish worth trying if you are trying to decide on something. La Carreta is also vegetarian-friendly. The staff provides a welcoming experience as well as fantastic service. 


Here are the best 10 restaurants near Liberty University, and they all give you a different perspective on food. Whether you want to eat healthy, comfort food, or try another authentic nationality cuisine.