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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At SDSU

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At SDSU

College can be really tough at times, and you might need to just sit down and cry once in a while. These are the best places to cry at SDSU.

Girl, I know. College is hard, boys suck, and your dorm room just doesn’t do it for you anymore. Your roommate hates you, your friends are all too busy right now, and your classes are in MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. But don’t fret, you got this. But to get there, you might need to shed a few tears, so here is a list of the 10 best places to cry at SDSU when you literally can’t do life anymore (tested out by yours truly).

1. Third Floor Bathroom Of The Love Library

I know. Weird place. But not many people come in and out of there and the last stall is big enough to sit down and have a nice sob to mentally de-stress. This is honestly one of the best places to cry at SDSU.



2. Locker Room At The ARC

We all know why your there…so you don’t cry. A simple work out really should be able to do the trick. But you can’t hold it in anymore, and your last resort? Hiding in the locker-room with your head in your sweat towel, wiping the tears from your face.

3. Your Best Friend’s Dorm Room Or Apartment

I get it. You’re fed up. You can’t be upset, alone in your room, and you don’t wanna burden your friends by asking them to come over. So what do you do? Barge into their rooms, invite yourself in, and break down with the people who are gonna be there for you, no matter the circumstance.

4. Right In The Middle Of The Student Union…’Cause Why Not?

Your day was going as planned and then Blackboard notifies you that your Midterm grade you studied HOURS for, is in.. and it’s not the grade you wanted, nor deserved. The result: mascara down your face in the heart of campus.


5. The Back Of Your 500 Person Lecture

We all have those 500 person lectures where you’re sitting way too close to way too many people, learning way too many things way too quickly…and sometimes… it’s all just too much. People breaking down in the back of a 500 person lecture is on the rise, if you ask me.

6. A Frat Party

Yeah. I’ve been there. You will too one day. You came to have a good time with friends, hang out with your sorority sisters, and to look for that one cute guy who texted you the address. But when you finally find him, he’s got his arm wrapped around another girl. This= crying at the frat party, mid beer bong.

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7. Trujillos

I’m not kidding. You’ve had a long night, you’re ready to go home, but you’re hungry. You order some food but they make it wrong, and you don’t care enough to make them fix it. So instead, you pop a squat and have a nice sob.

8. Your Car

Now I can’t say I’ve gone to my car strictly to cry, but I also cannot say I haven’t seen people do it.

9. At The Feet Of Samuel T. Black

Here at State we have this strange tradition of rubbing the left food of the statue of our First President, for good luck on exams. Which you did.. but, the exam got the best of you. The only idea you have now is to go curse him and his mythical good luck, but you end up crying at his feet. This one is more common than you would think and I’d say it’s one of the best places to cry at SDSU.


10. Of All Places… The Trolley Station

You’ve had a long day, a long week, and what you need is some shopping. You don’t have a car but know that it’s only a half an hour trolley ride to Mission Valley, and retail therapy is VITAL right now. But when you get there, the trolley is gone and won’t be back for another hour. What do you do? Cry.

Of all places, these are the best places to cry at SDSU when you just can’t take it anymore. Share your go-to cry spot in the comments!
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