10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Rutgers University

If you're looking for some places to get away at Rutgers University, then these are the best spots to go when you need to get all of your college student stress out and cry.

When you first come to Rutgers, the sheer size of it can be intimidating. If you’re anything like me, you went from a tiny high school with less than 500 kids to a university with 40,000. It’s a huge transition, and it doesn’t always go as easily as planned. Sometimes, you just can’t deal anymore and you need a good and acceptable place to cry. Fear not! At such a big school, there are many places where you can let it all out. Here are 10 of the best private, secluded, and acceptable spots to cry in at Rutgers University:

1. Any Old Dorm Shower

This one is a dead giveaway, and a personal favorite. It’s super close to your room and not usually crowded. Plus, where else is a better place to cry than somewhere with rushing water to drown out your tears?

2. The Window Seat Of A Bus

Ironically, at any time day or night you will not be judged for crying on a bus. Bonus points if you have the window seat on a rainy day and you can pretend to be in the sad part of a rom-com!


This is one of the best places to cry at Rutgers University!

3. Back Table At “Club Alex”

“Club Alex” is what Scarlet Knights refer to the Alexander Library on College Avenue as. During finals week, it gets packed, but crying at a back table is not something unheard of. During the week normally, the library is not too crowded, so crying at a back table would be a perfect secluded spot!

4. Inside The Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

Just like the shower, the Olympic sized swimming pool located at the Sony Werblin Recreation Center on Busch Campus is another stellar option to pick to cry in. There’s lots of water and lots of space to cry, and better yet if your face gets red, you can just blame it on the chlorine!!


This is one of the best places to cry at Rutgers University!

5. An Empty Lecture Hall

In many high schools, the classrooms are locked in between classes or when not in use. Not the case for college! Go when classes are not happening and find any lecture hall to plop down in and have a good cry.

6. RU Hungry After 12am

Another viable option, because RU Hungry is one of the coveted spots on campus. It’s open 24/7 and serves the most delicious comfort food, like the original Fat Cat sandwich, which is perfect to soak up your tears and your sadness.


This is one of the best places to cry at Rutgers University!

7. Dorm (Or Public) Bathroom Stall

This one is a little tricky, because you have to be a little more quiet. However, when the shower is not an option and you need to let a few tears roll down your face, the toilet is another satisfactory option.

8. The Rutgers Cinema

Head on over to Livingston Campus! $7 will buy a movie ticket and popcorn, and a nice dark space to get all up in your feels when you just can’t take school anymore. The movie provides a nice mental break, and the darkness is perfect blanket to mask any tears that might escape.

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This is one of the best places to cry at Rutgers University!

9. The Post Office After Hours

The Post Office is not usually crowded, but if you go when even staff is not there it can be completely empty. Pick a corner in between locker banks, bring your tissues, and let it all out girl.


10. The Scott Hall Bus Stop Waiting For An LX

Perhaps the most accurate place to cry is at the Scott Hall bus stop on College Avenue. If it’s anywhere between 4-6pm and you’re waiting for an LX, crying is totally acceptable because you have to fight crowds of 100+ people all trying to get on the bus. Let a few tears roll down, wipe them, and then fight that crowd to get home.

This is one of the best places to cry at Rutgers University!

Rutgers University can be scary at first, but it quickly becomes a home. Although you might need lots of naps and a good cry every once in a while, Rutgers is a place where everyone grows and flourishes. It can be crazy at times, but there really is nowhere like Rutgers University. RU Rah Rah!!


Do you agree that these are the best places to cry at Rutgers University? Let us know in the comment section below!

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