10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Emerson College

These are the best spots for you to cry if you're a student at Emerson College in Boston. Let out some stress by having a good sobfest.

College is an experience all in itself, causing all emotions to run on high. There’s no sleep, tons of stress, and relationship drama like you wouldn’t believe. This leaves a large need for a quiet place to relieve said stress or let out a good cry without letting everyone on campus know that you’re having a bad day (or week). So, for all of those at Emerson College, here’s a list of 10 places on campus best for crying when you just can’t anymore.

1. The stairwell in Piano Row

One of the biggest dorms at Emerson College, Piano Row olds around 56 students on each of its 14 floors. There’s the Max Municipal Center on the first and second floor and the gymnasium and offices on the lower levels, but other than that it’s just dorms. So, unlike the taller 2 Boylston Place dorms, there are plenty of empty stairwells for some space.

It’s a common occurrence to find someome crying in the stairwell, screaming from stress, or just running up and down the stairs because they’re too lazy to walk downtown to the gym (my suitemates and I are all guilty of this).


The only thing to remember when utilizing this space for your own tears is to respect that of others. If one of the nearby floor’s stairs is occupied, give them some space and try the next place on the list.

2. The Walker Building main elevators

Now, don’t get these mistaken with the large elevators on Boylston Place, but the small ones that everyone complains about on their way to class off of Boylston Street.

The trick with these is that anytime but the 15 minutes before an even hour these elevators have a line out the building, going up and down full of students and faculty, but any other time of day they’re completely empty. So, park yourself on the 10th floor and give yourself a quick cry. You’ll feel a lot better and can grab something from the Dining Center right after to refuel with a chicken quesadilla. Win win.


These are the best places to cry at Emerson College!

3. The mini garden in Piano Row

Unless you live in Piano Row or have gone to the Org Fair, you might not know about the cut-out mini garden in Piano Row. It’s hidden in plain sight and no one is ever there, which makes it perfect for a good cry session.

Cry on the grass until your hearts content. Though, this is probably better for a silent cry being that you’re still just in plain sight and within earshot of the lobby. But, really, who cares? No one will be able to see its you.


These are the best places to cry at Emerson College!

4. Your shower

It’s a classic, but it works. The shower is a great place for a good cry. Turn up the indie breakup songs and the tears just start rolling. Sing along as your sobs are drained out by the noise of the trickling shower head with no shame. Everyone does this at one point or another during their life. Why not now? Plus you’re productively getting clean at the same time. That’s a responsible college student.

These are the best places to cry at Emerson College!


5. Bartevian Inc.

You probably have no idea what this is, but pass it every day. It’s the little vintage shop next to Piano Row with posters and vinyl hung up in the windows.

I have never been to it personally, but a few friends of mine say that there’s a secret room in there designated for Emerson College Students to cry in. It is possibly the most magical and wholesome thing I have ever heard. I hope it’s true. Community love.

6. Your floor’s common room

This is why I hate when people use the common rooms. I know they’re open to the whole floor, but living in Paino Row at Emerson College, my favorite stress releaser is walking around in circles in the common room. It’s constant and oddly calming. I don’t even remember how I found this out, but it’s a thing.


So, if the common room on your floor is free, feel free to just pace around. I might not actually full-on Kim Kardashian cry because there’s people living on either side of the room, but a silent sob might work if needed as well.

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These are the best places to cry at Emerson College!


7. The Boston Common

I’ve never actually done this, but it’s a goal of mine for before I graduate to go out with my suite mates to the common at night and just scream; let off some stress and channel your inner character from The Craft. There’s no judgement in the common. People get weird. They understand.

Boston is a college town and I’m sure it’s not the first time someone had lost their minds crying and screaming while walking through the grassy area.

8. In your room

What else are your dorms used for other than your personal space? If you want to cry in your room, do it. If You want to cry in your shower, do it. Use your power to the full extent, with respect for your roommate’s space and consent as well though.


9. With your roommates

A huge part of having friends, of having roommates that you connect with and share a home with is having someone to lean on in times of trouble or distress. In my suite, we usually use a “screaming pillow.” You just walk in and ask to use it, screaming into it at full volume. It really lets out that college or general life stress. And we’re always there to talk it out.

What else are friends for?

These are the best places to cry at Emerson College!


10. Literally anywhere

If none of those options are available or if you really just don’t care, just let it rip. It wouldn’t be the first time I saw someone in tears strolling down Boylston Place. Just own it. No judgement. Everyone has had one of those days, either overwhelmed with assignments, family stuff, arguments between friends, not getting that dream job/internship. Let the tears fall as they may and embrace your emotions. They’re the reason we’re here at Emerson. Art school is not exactly for the logical.

What do you think are the best places to cry at Emerson College? Tell us yours in the comments!
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