10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Loyola University Chicago

Let’s be real, being in college is stressful. From the various costs to the chaotic amount of work, you sometimes need a good cry to let it all out. Here are the 10 best places to cry when you just can’t anymore at Loyola University Chicago.

1. In front of the Lake Front

You can cry and shout in front of the lake, take some aesthetically pleasing pictures for your Instagram feed, and feel better until the next time you need to cry. Or your cries can be echoed out into Lake Michigan, pulling sailors to their doom at Loyola, like the students.

These are the best places to cry at Loyola University Chicago.

2. Madonna Dell Strada Chapel

Maybe the Jesuits can comfort you?? Or the ringing bells can soothe you if you like that sort of thing?

3. In the stacks

No matter how loud you cry, nobody will ever hear you or see you in all of your shame.

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4. IC Study Room

Reserve a study room, and just make a scene. Trust me, everyone will relate. You might get kicked out though, but worth a shot.

5. Damen Cinema

Nobody ever goes there, so you’re good to cry and shout all you want.

These are the best places to cry at Loyola University Chicago.

6. Colossus

Cry during a Colossus performance. People will think that you’re crying in enjoyment of the performer, when in reality, you just checked Sakai and you’re having a meltdown.

7. Any basement

All of the older buildings around campus are creepy and depressing, which will make the perfect aesthetic to cry.

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8. 14th Floor of Mundelein

The dead Nun can comfort you and prevent you from jumping from a window after another failed chem lab.

9. Halas Weight Room

People will think you’re grunting, sweating, and in the zone of your workout. In reality, you’re crying due to your negative amount of money in your savings account.

These are the best places to cry at Loyola University Chicago.

10. Mundelein Theater

People will think you’re crying over the brilliant performances or practicing your audition. Either way, it’s all about the dramatics.

Where do you think are the best places to cry at Loyola University Chicago? Tell us all about your favorite spots in the comments!
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