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9 Best Places to Cry On Campus At USC

9 Best Places to Cry On Campus At USC

Whether you are in tears because we lost 3 of our first 4 football games, or because despite getting a 94% in one of your midterms you still got a B+ (thank you, USC curve), we want to help you find the best places to cry on campus. Also, crying is a great way of relieving stress, anxiety and sadness, so here at Society19 we’re all for you crying your heart out, as long as you do it at the right place. Keep reading for the 9 best places to cry on campus at USC when you’re having “one of those days.”

1. The swimming pool in Lyon Center.

If you are one of those people who are okay with being emotional, but not in public, definitely cry in the pool. Your tears will be hidden from your haters.

2. USC Parking Center

Drive your car into the most remote parking lot on campus and cry your eyes out… No one ever parks there anyways.


3. Lyon Center’s Gym

This one is a good one because no one will be able to tell if you are crying because of a personal reason or because it honestly is depressing to see how our gym has not changed in over 10 years.


4. Leavey Library!

Seeing someone crying here is not even a surprise, so feel free to join your fellow Trojans as you check your last midterm’s grade.


5. The Physical Education Building’s bathroom!

I can seriously count with one hand the times I have seen anyone walk in or walk out of a bathroom at the PE building, so if you want privacy, look no further.

6. Alumni Park!

If you look old enough, people might just assume you are one of those people that are not able to leave college behind.



7. At any given home game.

Unfortunately, this season our football team is giving some of us a lot of reasons to cry, so if you just wanna look like an upset fan, the Coliseum is the perfect spot for you.

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8. During class!

People will see you, but hey, if it gets you an A out of pity, who cares? Definitely worth a try if that USC curve is not working on your favor.


9. At UCLA.

I know, UCLA is not our campus, and that’s exactly why you should cry there. No one will be surprised to see you break down in tears considering they’ll assume you’re a Bruin, and because we all know there is nothing worse than being a Bruin.

Remember, crying is just a way for your body to give you feedback. Take your time, choose the best places to cry on campus at USC, and cry as much as you want. You will feel better. Unless you are a Bruin. In that case, I’m sorry, there aren’t enough tears in the world to fix that.

Which of these places to cry on campus at USC are your favorite? Do you know of others? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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