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8 Best Places To Cry On Campus at SJU

8 Best Places To Cry On Campus at SJU

College, a magical place where you always have something due and endless chances to make really bad life decisions. College is fun because, you know, parties and Netflix and Ramen noodles or something like that. But it’s also really stressful because you have tests and assignments and possibly loans you know you’re going to have to pay back and you have to start adulting and thinking about your future… and your major… but you don’t really know what you want your major to be because you’re in your sophomore year now and life is coming at you fast- and at the same time you’re looking for an apartment to live in because…okay, I got carried away but my point was, basically, that college just gives you a lot of reasons to want to cry. As a student at SJU, I am no different from the rest in this sense.

No student wants to have to cry on the SJU campus, but it happens.

Every student at SJU (and anywhere else for that matter) understand when you need to cry on campus. Like when you just sit in a dark room and watch The Notebook while you sob and stuff popcorn in your mouth so no one can question your tears. Especially with midterms and finals coming up. Now, if you’re like me, you don’t want an audience for your tears and it’s a little hard to find a private place to just break down and cry a little and you may not know this, but the walls in the residence halls are really thin. Your suite mates will definitely hear you cry. But never fear, I am here with great places you can cry on the SJU campus, so keep reading!

1. In that class you’re failing.

I know I said that I didn’t want an audience for my tears but hear me out: This is a double win because you get to cry and vent and feel better AND your professor is going to see it and hopefully feel bad and ease up a little. Maybe bump your grade up just a tad. If it doesn’t work…well…you may want to sit in the back of the class for a while.


2. At the gym.

This is truly the best place to cry. Get on that treadmill, play your sad playlist. I know you have one, don’t deny it, and just let yourself cry. If anyone asks you just tell them that it’s sweat. Yes, you’re either sweating from your eyes or your sweat is dripping down your face. Also, another double win because you’re working out and getting your cry on.



3. The Little Theatre.

The best option you’re probably going to see on this list. You have so many seats to choose from and even a stage, if you want to be dramatic about it. It’s nice and dark, great acoustics so you can really hear your crying nicely and if anyone happens to be there, you can act like their performance has brought you to tears.

4. The SJU prayer rooms.

I’m not sure if these are in ALL the residence halls at SJU but I do know they are in some, and while I’ve never been in one of them, it just seems like a great secluded place to be alone and shed a tear… or a million.


5. The bench by the statues in the Marillac Terrace Grill.

My weirdest choice by far but hear me out. I know you’ve seen those statues, if you haven’t checked them out, they are creepily life like in some ways but because we all know that they’re just statues, most people barely pay them any attention so in theory you could sit there for hours.


6. An improv club meeting.

We have an improv club on campus, the Bad Astronauts, so if you showed up to a meeting or a performance you could just argue that the performance moved you to tears or that you yourself are improv-ing.

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7. The alcove near St. Vinny’s.

The view from there is so spectacular at sunset, and probably at sunrise, and at night the lights make it just as beautiful and you can hear the fountain behind you. Such a beautiful spot to sit and think, share with someone you’re dating, or just silently cry as you think about how much debt you’ve already racked up.

8. In the dorm showers.

You can’t beat a classic right? No one judges you in the shower. We all cry in the shower. You can play music to not only drown out the sound of your sobbing but also be the soundtrack to your misery.


But seriously, if you want to cry come find me and cry in my arms so I can awkwardly pat your back while trying to make soothing sounds.

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