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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At University Of Pittsburgh

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At University Of Pittsburgh

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We are all too familiar with the feeling of our 10th mental breakdown of the week. After countless hours on the phone telling our parents we’re dropping out of school, the urge to cry has never been greater. But where do we cry if we’re afraid of being judged? Lucky for you, I’m here to share some tips and tricks on the go-to places at the University of Pittsburgh to release the waterworks!

1. Why just shower when you can shower AND cry

College is all about multi tasking and what better way to kill two birds with one stone than while you shower?! Communal bathrooms are all over the University of Pittsburgh’s campus and the showers are prime reality for crying. No one will be able to hear your tears over the sound of the water and your “Sad Musics for Sad Days” playlist!

2. Dorm stairwells aren’t just for quick hookups and fire drills

We all can admit it, we use the elevators way more than the stairs, but why waste such a private and quiet place? Most people view stairwells just for escaping the alarm when someone burns their popcorn or if you need a quickie. It turns out, stairwells are a quiet, private, and rarely populated area where you can be alone and cry to your heart’s desire.


3. Take a trip to the top balcony of the Cathedral of Learning

Nothing screams the University of Pittsburgh more than the ever so loved, Cathedral of Learning. On any given day, you will find several Snapchat and Instagram stories dedicated to our favorite girl, Cathy. So why not take a super quick elevator ride up to the honors college floors, 35th and 36th, stand out on the balcony, and cry? No one will be able to hear you from so far up.

4. Put on Season 7, Episode 18 of Grey’s Anatomy literally anywhere and blame the tears on the show

Crying is a very natural thing and after procrastinating your paper for several days now, crying is all that will get done. One of the biggest tips when it comes to crying is to disguise the reason for them. As college students, Netflix is our best friends. So grab your laptop, find literally any place on campus, your dorm room, Cathy, Posvar Hall, or study a lounge, and put on one of the saddest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and use the show as an excuse to cry.

5. On the ground floor of Hillman

The Hillman Library is home to some of the most studious and nocturnal students at the University of Pittsburgh. The ground floor, specifically, is known to be very lively and filled to capacity with students just trying to get by. This makes it such a great spot to cry. With all of the people, talking, and most likely others crying, no one will be paying attention to you if your eyes turn into Niagara Falls.


6. Somewhere in Schenley Park

With over 400 acres of green grass and trails, Shenley Park will allow you to connect with nature while allowing you to cry freely without much interruption. Whether it be up a tree, in a hammock, or flat out on the ground, the sound of your crying and sniffling will blend nicely with the sound of the birds and cars passing by.

7. On your way up Cardiac Hill

Cardiac Hill is every person’s worst nightmare if you live or have classes on upper campus. This steep road got its name not only from UPMC Presbyterian, but also from the heart attack you suffer from while walking up it. No one will be able to tell if you are crying from cardiac arrest or from the fact that you just can’t handle life in the moment.

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8. In line for Einstein Bros. Bagels

One of the most popular breakfast places on campus is Einstein Bros. Bagels. They are known for creating some of the most delectable and mouthwatering bagels around Pittsburgh. I’ll be the first to admit, I teared up eating a bagel from there once, so if you find yourself about to breakdown in line, don’t be afraid to; people will just assume you’re crying from the taste of heaven in your mouth.

9. As you wait to cross Forbes Ave. at Bigelow Blvd.

Nothing annoys me more than having to wait a loooong time to cross the street, and if your schedule is anything like mine, you have to make it from one side of campus to the other side in 10-15 minutes. Trying to cross Bigelow Blvd at Forbes Ave can put you in tears. Next time you feel yourself about to cry, just run on over to this intersection, stand among the crowds of people, and let it all out; we all feel like crying too, don’t worry.

10. In Market when the soft serve ice cream machine is finally working again

College comes with not only more responsibilities, but also the freedom to make our own decisions when in comes to what we eat and when we eat it. Market Central is the main dining hall on campus that serves all sorts of food during most of the day. One of the most heartbreaking moments in University of Pittsburgh history in 2017-2018 was when the soft serve ice cream machines broke and in that moment, so did all our hearts. The days that the machines are up and working are the days that our hearts cry with excitement. This serves as such a great spot to let out all the tears because no one will able to differentiate from sad crying and happy crying.


Where do you think are the best places to cry at the University of Pittsburgh? Leave a comment to let us know!

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