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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At University of Michigan

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At University of Michigan

There are times in college when you just can't anymore. For these moments, here are the 10 best places to cry at University of Michigan.

As finals and the end of the semester are fast approaching, students’ stress levels are, literally, peaking. It seems as though every professor thinks that their students are enrolled in ONLY a single class, handing out assignments, essays, and quizzes faster than the hydration station volunteers pass out water on game day. With this increase in work load comes the rapid succession of breakdowns, anxiety, and tears. We all need a good cry sometimes – various studies even demonstrate that crying releases built up stress and tension, a necessity during #finalszn. So when you are in need of a break, here are the top 10 locations you can go to to plug in your earbuds, hit shuffle on your Spotify “emotional” playlist, and tune out the world when you simply “just can’t anymore”.

1. Your Room

Obviously, the privacy of your own room is the most convenient place to curl up in bed and wallow in your sorrows. But, if you have a roommate whom you aren’t close with or who is always home, this could be pretty awkward. If this situation sounds familiar to you, read on.


2. Your Best Friends Room

If you still crave privacy and the content of fluffy sheets, pillows, and all the other wonderful things a bed offers, your best friend’s room is your best bet. This allows for some personal comfort (group hugs if that’s your thing?) and convenience. Maybe they will even let you borrow their favorite stuffed animal!


3. The Arb

If you are not a big people person and would rather be sad solo, these next few are for you. If you enjoy nature, turning on some emotional music while strolling the arboretum can really make the mood – some John Mayer or Vance Joy while the sun is setting will hit ALL the feels. Raining out? No problem, adds dramatic effect.



4. The 4th Floor Ugli

As we all know, the Ugli can get a bit busy during the day and crying in front of Bert’s may not be ideal. Take the elevator (or the stairs, if you’re feeling ballsy) to the 4th floor of the Ugli and bury yourself somewhere deep in the back. Nothing like a good ol’ breakdown in a silent library.

5. The Depths of the Stacks

Specifically, the 4th floor Southeast Asia Library stacks, 7th cubicle on the left. Sources say that there may or may not be a door on that specific cubicle so silent sobbing isn’t necessary. Commence the crying!


6. The Pod Chairs in the Fishbowl

Have you ever paid attention to those weird, anti-social looking chairs in the fishbowl? Well, they are perfect for hiding when you want to get away for a bit. Simply locate the most isolated pod chair and spin around to face the wall – you can’t see the world, and the world can’t see you (cross your fingers no one thinks the chair is empty, spins it around, and sees you…yikes).


7. Far Corner in the Dining Hall

Every dining hall on campus either has those tiny tables in the corner or those high top tables against the wall that are perfect if you are NOT having it that day. Plus, what’s better then food when you’re sad? Especially unlimited ice-cream?

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8. Anywhere on North Campus

Literally – anywhere. As a resident of North Campus myself, I can vouch for the fact that if you take the time to come down here, there is PLENTY of room to roam around and find space that may not be available in the bustle of central campus. Whether you are walking around Pierpont Commons, on the nature trek to the music school, or lost and confused in the middle of Northwood Apartments, you are sure to find a satisfyingly lonely location to let your emotions run wild.

9. The Law Quad

Que the drama. If you want to tap in to your most emotional self and be transported to another place – Hogwarts – to escape your sorrows, drag yourself over to the lawn of the Law Quad and let it all out.


10. Coffee Shop

Lastly, the closest Starbucks and Espresso Royale are great destinations to breifly allow yourself to wind down and exhale all of your feelings. The acoustic music and ~chill vibes~ create an above average atmosphere for you to cry – as long as you are okay with accepting confused stares (and maybe an awkward pat on the shoulder) from strangers.


Happy finals and happy crying, wolverines. Hang in there for these last few weeks!

Do you know any other places to cry at University of Michigan? Comment below!
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