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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At UNC

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At UNC

College can be tough, But it's okay! I'm here to help with a list of the best places to cry at UNC, taken from my personal experience.

College can be tough, it’s the first time you’re on your own and is probably the first real baby steps you’ve taken towards adulthood. There will be moments (actually, a lot of moments) when it all just gets to you and you can’t help but have a slight breakdown. But it’s okay! I’m here to help with a list of the best places to cry at UNC, taken from my personal experience.

1. Desk Cubicle in the Undergrad Library

We’ve all been there.. when it hits 3:00 am. in the UL and you have an 8:00 am. final that you’re almost positive you’re not going to pass. Suddenly you just can’t stand to look at the class google doc anymore, which is filled with more memes than useful information by now. No worries though the private cubicle will definitely conceal any ugly crying.

2. Sofa in a Davis Study Lounge

Ever have a group study session go so bad that you leave with an overwhelming sense of despair because you just realized how screwed everyone in the class is for the midterm? The only feasible thing to do when this happens is to collapse on one of the numerous couches in Davis and just let it all out. Why did you even sign up for Econ 101 when you’re a Bio major? Why does college have to be so hard?


3. The Privacy of Your Dorm Room.. Until Your Roommate Walks In

Ah yes, you finally walk in your dorm room after a stressful day of classes. You’ve also been fighting with your boyfriend all day and one of your friends “forgot” to get you a wrist band to Sigma Phi’s space jam party, college life is just hard dude. When you’ve just started crying, and when I say crying, I mean the full on ugly cry sobfest of the century, your roommate walks in. A good roommate would give you some time alone, an even better roommate gives you time alone and comes back with chocolate.

4. Professor’s Office Hours

When all else fails, you can at least try a last minute visit to your professor’s office hours. Maybe begging and crying will convince them to raise your 78.5 to an 80. Or maybe even some low-key bribery…

(Note: I really don’t recommend crying to your professor about your grade or bribing them, they probably won’t change anything and you’ll just make them uncomfortable.)


5. Lecture Hall

Sometimes you hit that point in class where your eyes go blurry staring at the screens and your professor doesn’t seem to be even speaking English anymore. It’s okay if the crying starts because in the at least 300 students sitting in the hall with you, no one will notice as they’re probably trying to figure out what the hell your professor is talking about too.

6. The Old Well

Remember when you were promised a 4.0 GPA for drinking out of the old well on the first day of classes? Remember how you didn’t actually get that 4.0? What better place to schedule a break down than the place that gave you false hope and empty promises. It’s definitely the Old Well’s fault that you’re failing calc, not the fact that you went out two nights in a row before the test.

7. The SRC

Honestly, the rec center is a pretty common place to cry. No one will judge, in fact, they might just join you.

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8. Kenan Stadium

At night there is pretty much no one there and there are plenty of spots in the stadium where you can sit and ponder where everything went wrong. It might also be comforting to chill somewhere with a lot of space for once, as we all know how crowded UNC campus can get. Take some deep breaths and reassure yourself that everything will be okay.

(Running on the field can be fun too and might cheer you up.)


9. Under the Bell Tower

Typically there aren’t a lot of people around the bell tower, which is perfect if you really need some alone time. There’s a pretty Carolina blue ceiling to gaze at, and underneath this symbol of UNC you might remember how much you love this school and how worth it is to go here. Keep your head up.

10. Counseling and Psychological Services (UNC CAPS)

Mental health is so important! Don’t neglect it!! There are so many resources at UNC to help you with any problems you might be dealing with. You’re not alone and if you feel like you can’t go to your friends about whatever is going on, then you can definitely count on a CAPS staff member. School is stressful, but don’t let it get to you. Always keep yourself and your mental health a priority.

Where else can you cry at UNC? Let us know down below!
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