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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At The University of Pittsburgh

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At The University of Pittsburgh


Are you looking for the best places to cry at the University of Pittsburgh? There are many times in the life of a college student where you just “can’t” anymore. Some examples may be when you start your day off right, but everything shortly goes down hill as you step in a giant puddle in a crosswalk on Forbes, or you trip on the uneven sidewalks throughout South O while a group of cute boys is walking closely behind you, or you find a Maggot in your pasta at market… (too soon?)

So, no matter what incident brought you to your “can’t even” mood, there will always be places available around Pitt’s campus for a good ol’ cry fest. Here are a list of ten of the best places to cry when the goin’ has got you down, and you just can’t anymore:


1. The Cathedral of Learning:

Nothing is better than the beautiful Cathedral of Learning, better known as Cathy. She is one of those special buildings that is pretty on the inside and the outside, making her the bell of the ball at all times. Another amazing quality of Cathy, is the way your voice echos throughout the entire common room when you talk, which is why this is one of the best places to cry! Not only will your shrieking sounds appear more beautiful because they’re heard in echo form, but they will also be surrounded by beautiful scenery, making you feel like you’re straight out of a movie. In fact, Cathy looks so much like Hogwarts from the inside, that you can totally just pretend you’re Hermione Granger and Ron just pulled a TFM by making out with Petuna right in front of your face!

2. Nationality Rooms

I know, I know. The nationality rooms are technically considered a part of the cathedral of learning, but there is a big difference between the beautiful common rooms, and the bad ass nationality rooms that are spread throughout the building. Many of the rooms in the cathedral are decorated to resemble countries around the world. If you have the balls to go into one of the nationality rooms and let out a good cry, you could possibly cry hard enough and feel as though you’ve been transported to country in which the room is decorated after. Wouldn’t it be better to cry in France than to cry here in Pittsburgh???



3. Market

This is the prime area to cry, especially if you’re an emotional eater, like me. Market is full of somewhat delicious (and questionable) food choices for you to indulge in after a rough day in Oakland. You can choose from the stir fry station, salad bar, pizza, burgers and fries, wraps, or my favorite section; desserts. Make sure you grab a table close to the back though so no one notices you crying into your mountain of chicken patties and fries.

4. Hillman Library

If the library doesn’t already make you cry, then you are a soldier and I wish I were as strong you are. Basically everyone that goes to the library is on the verge of tears, especially around finals week, so you shouldn’t stick out too much when you’re bawling into your biology textbook. The other day I literally heard a dude violently puking in the bathroom and everyone acted like it was totally normal. So, crying definitely won’t draw any attention to you if that shit didn’t.


5. Dorm Showers

This is a great place to let your emotions flow because you won’t be able to tell your tears and the water apart! Also nothing is better than turning sad music on, hopping in the shower, and pretending your in a sad movie shower scene where the main character just can’t get her life on the right track. Plus if you’re feeling ballsy enough you can sing/scream the sad songs to release all that pent up sadness. If you don’t live in a dorm anymore, just break into one of the dorms and then proceed to do everything I said above.

uncontrollably crying is good for the soul

Uncontrollably crying is good for the soul.


6. The Pete Gym

Okay the Pete gym is definitely one of the more daring places to cry on the list because there are always hot guys at the gym and they could potentially see your ugly crying face in the middle of their dead-lift set. But if you jump on the treadmill you won’t be facing the rest of the gym which gives you full range of tear motion, and let’s be honest running on the treadmill makes me want to cry just thinking about it so go for it.


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7. The O

This is probably one of the best places to cry because you can shove your face with fries, and you may even be able to get some super drunk people to give you the rest of their fries once they’re done. Because crying about whatever you’re sad about will only feel better once you ingest 2 pounds worth of greasy goodness with a bunch of other sad drunk people. If you’re super lucky, Joanne, one of the O cooks and greatest ladies to ever walk this earth, may embrace you till your tears fade away. You may feel even more awful the next day thanks to the fries though, fair warning.

8. At the top stairs leading to Sutherland and Panther Hall.

If you’ve ever been at this spot, you know it has one of the greatest views of Cathy that you’ll have the privilege of experiencing. This is another spot that will definitely make you feel like you’re a grief stricken teen in a sappy movie, but in the greatest of ways. It’s only a practical spot though if you live on North campus. It would be pretty weird if you walked all the way up that huge ass hill to sit on a set of stairs to cry honestly. I’ll support you in whatever you feel is necessary, but save your strength for something better like some more crying.


9. Your Advising Appointment

Wow it feels like just yesterday I was crying to my adviser about not knowing what to do with my life…Oh wait, that was yesterday. Your adviser is literally paid to listen to your problems, and if you start to cry, (which you will) they will have to just sit there and take it. Plus, I think they’re used to it because there are always like 50 boxes of tissues in my advisers office.

10. Office Hours With Your Professor

This is a strategic crying place, especially if you’re trying to get extra credit or a better grade in general. I’ve never personally done this, but I’ve heard the tale of many office hour victories that owe it all to waterworks. All you have to do is go to your professor’s office hours when no one else is there, explain to them how hard you’ve worked all semester while simultaneously bawling your eyes out. For this to work, you should be crying hard enough that your words are basically inaudible. Crying makes everyone uncomfortable so chances are your teacher will give you some sort of chance to score some extra points before they enter the final grades. Good luck out there solider, may the odds be ever in your favor.


So there are the top 10 places to cry when life at Pitt becomes too much. Don’t limit yourself to only crying at places on this list though…The world is your oyster so bawl your eyes out wherever you damn well please!! But once you’re done crying, you get out there and kick ass because boss ladies have to get things done. Tears can’t stop us.

Are there any other places you think belong on the list of best places to cry at the University of Pittsburgh?
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