The Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At The University Of Houston

College is TOUGH. It’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of work, which means lots of stress. Yippee. I’m currently in my second semester here at the University of Houston and oh boy, I’ve had my fair share of complete meltdowns. I’m sure that most of my fellow college-goers have had a moment (or twenty) when you’ve felt so stressed that you just need a good, long, hard cry. Now, the problem is, where to cry. Lucky for you, I’ve cried in multiple places on this campus and am willing to share my top-secret crying spots. Keep reading for the best places to cry at the University of Houston.

Disclaimer: you may find me in these spots either sobbing, silently crying, or simply sulking. If I’m in one of these said places, you can politely ask me to leave or cry with me, either is fine.


10. The swing in front of the Keeland Center

I started out my first semester here as an Architecture major, which means I spent a lot of time around the Arch building and a lot of time crying. There’s a small swing near the Keeland center which is on the side of the Architecture building closer to Elgin. I love that swing because it’s peaceful, and the only people who walk by are ID students who may join you as you sob it out. Besides, who doesn’t love swings? I’ve placed this location kind of low because I feel like it’s a little awkward to go and sit there when you’re not an Architecture student…or maybe it’s just me? If you are an Arch student, then it’s a great place. That and your desk, to be honest.

9. The Nook

Yes, I’m aware that this is a super public place, but it’s surprisingly great for crying. They don’t take Cougar Cash, but if you’ve got a few bucks, grab a cup of their brew and grab one of the tables that have those little walls. It’s perfect for crying: kind of dark and tucked away in the corner.



8. The second floor of the Student Center North

I like this location because I feel like not many people remember that SC North is a thing. Just head up the stairs and find some doors that lead outside, or sit in on of those nice lounge chairs in front of the Cougar’s office and let the waterworks go. It’s great because usually there aren’t many people there, but sometimes it’s completely full and I have to hold my tears and go somewhere else.

7. Your Dorm Room

Don’t underestimate the power of your bed. Oh, how I love to cuddle up under my blankets and let the water works loose on a really bad day! Really, it is the BEST THING EVER. There’s really nothing like your warm, cozy bed to coddle you when you feel like a slice of old pizza. I highly recommend adding a stuffed animal to cuddle as you cry too (you can see Zeus comfortably lounging on my bed there). I’ve placed this one kind of low because there are lots of people who don’t have dorms, so this ends up not even being an option, which sucks because it’s a fabulous one. (You can borrow mine but we need to be friends first or it would be really weird)


6. The Communication building’s courtyard

Oh how I LOVE that courtyard. It’s so peaceful and breezy, plus it has great benches. The bench is wide enough that I can pull my knees to my chest and let it flow. I’ve placed this location a little lower on the list because it is relatively populated and lots of people walk by, so it can be a bit awkward when you’re losing all the chill and people are staring at you, especially if you’re a communications major. Most awkward instance: my Comm Theory professor came and literally sat next to me while I was crying because of his class…oops

5. The honeycomb cubicles in the Library

Those things are sort of creepy, but if you’re not creeped out by the heavy silence, it’s a great place to cry. I think the fact that they’re low key creepy makes people less likely to want to peek around the corner or pay attention to your sobs.



4. A bathroom, any bathroom

This one seems obvious and a little weird, but this one’s a good Plan B when you can’t get away to let the waterworks flow. Literally just hit up any bathroom on campus when you feel Niagara coming, lock yourself in a stall and cry it out. Plus, when you’re done crying there’s plenty of mirrors for you to fix your makeup/ wash your face, and there’s a high chance that anyone who sees you crying won’t remember you.

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3. The first floor of Agnes Arnold Hall

You know that area underneath the AAH breezeway that looks like it used to be a moat that leads to a dungeon? Once you get over the idea that a dragon may swoop down and blow its fire breath on you, it’s actually very nice. There are plenty of benches to sit on, and the trees and the feeling of being sort of underground makes it a great place to cry. It’s also pretty empty, so you don’t really have to worry about people bothering you. In fact I’m sitting there as I write this (not crying though).

2. The Cullen Family Fountain

When I need to cry, and don’t want to walk too far, I sit either on the pebble bridge thing or on the concrete ledges beneath the trees and just cry like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, it’s a lot nicer on the few days when the fountain is working, but it’s still nice. Note: this area is relatively popular, so you may have a nice soul come up to you and offer a hug (this actually happened to me, thanks dude who gave me a hug).


1. Music School Courtyard

The ultimate my-life-is-falling-apart-and-I-need-a-good-place-to-cry location. On a nice day, this place is one of my favorite places on campus. I usually sit on one of those large white stones when it’s kind of dark, and the little lanterns give the area a soft glow that’s perfect for some good ol’ crying. This is definitely my favorite place to cry, because the beautiful ambience always makes me feel better. The combination of the trees, the lanterns, the cool rock and the vibes of the music school never fail to make me feel better after I’ve cried it out.

And there you have it! The ten best places to let it go (Elsa is that you?) at UH! So next time you feel Niagara approaching, just head to the nearest aforementioned location, put in your headphones, turn up the Adele and let the tears flow! There’s nothing like a good cry to make you feel better anyways! Happy crying (oh, the oxymoron).

Where are your favorite places to cry at the University of Houston? Comment below.
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