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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At The University Of Central Florida

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At The University Of Central Florida

College is fucking stressful. You always have so much on your plate that you literally just CANNOT anymore and want to cry. Crying is an integral part of being a college student, and everyone knows you’re not a real college student until you’ve had at least ten mental breakdowns throughout the semester. UCF is a gigantic university with plenty of places to have a good cry, and chances are you’ve probably shed tears at these ten places before at least once. Keep reading for the best places to cry at the University of Central Florida!

1. The bathrooms on the third floor of CB1

These stalls are not as frequented as the other bathrooms in the building, in my opinion, and they are even more deserted once the day starts winding down. If you need a place to cry alone and not be bothered by anyone, this is one of the best places to go. Do you need to take a nap? An alternative idea would be to cry in the bathroom stall, and when you’re finished, (try to) find a couch or bench to nap on. No melatonin required because you’ll be sleeping like a baby!

2. Literally any parking garage.

It’s a given that UCF has the WORST parking of any school in the entire state of Florida. Of course, though, as a car-less individual, I only know this secondhand. Drive to the roof of any garage and on top of the stresses of college life, you can cry about the lack of parking on campus too!


3. Fifth-floor library bathrooms

Like the CB1 third-floor bathrooms, this floor is not as frequented in the late afternoon. Plus, it’s such a long way up for most people that unless they’re very desperate to find a quiet place to study, nobody will bother to go up that high. With that said, the floor is yours to sing the blues. If you need a little pick-me-up beforehand, try to hit the library before sunrise. The sign is still LIT!


4. The Reflection Pond

The Reflection Pond is an iconic landmark of UCF where thousands of students flock to the grass to watch the majestic fountains each week to reflect on their life choices. I like to go here on random days or near the end of the week and watch the sparkling waters as the sun sets on yet another great day. In my opinion, it’s one of the best places to cry because nobody can hear your tears over the sound of the rushing fountains jetting up and down. Want an even better option? Come to the Pond at night. Not only can you cry in peace, but your pretty face will be illuminated by the bright lights within the Pond.


5. The Arboretum

With 82 acres of trees, fresh produce on the daily, butterflies, bees, and other fascinating flora and fauna, you can never go wrong by making a stop at the UCF Arboretum. Whether you want to explore all the trees, stop and smell the flowers, or clear your mind of things that are bothering you, the arboretum is one of Mother Nature’s very own wonderlands. Take a walk, take a hike, or just sit in a pavilion. In due time, you’ll be comforted by the wonderful sights and sounds of nature…and who knows, a bird might pop in and crash your pity party.


6. The gazebo outside of the John T. Washington breezeway

Ah, that good ole’ gazebo. I’ve sat here about once or twice, and quaint is an understatement to describe it. You can sit here and people watch, catch up on homework in a not-so-isolated environment, and even have time to think; making this the perfect place to weep. You won’t have to be sad for long because before you know it, a random squirrel might make his appearance right in front of you. And nothing screams happiness like our squirrels. Just look at ’em, for cryin’ out loud!

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7. Nicholson School of Communication

Being an Ad-PR major, this is where the majority of my classes have been held so far! I noticed that as the day winds down, this building has fewer people frequenting it. The first floor has open classrooms throughout the day to study in. You can have a good cry in any couch on the second floor when it’s all said and done. If you’re feeling like spilling your feelings out to someone, you can go to any faculty member’s office on that same floor where they’re all located. This can benefit you greatly if you know at least one of them well. If not…well, it’ll probably be a little weird. Did you know that film students have classes in this building too? I’m just sayin’, with the Nicholson School of Communication, you got options.

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8. The School of Music building

Nothing comforts me more than the sound of music. Music can get a person through even the toughest things in life, and college stress is one of those things. Personally, I like to sit here in the late afternoons and be serenaded by the trumpeters and flutists while I surf the net on my laptop. If you come here to cry, chances are one of those cute music students will come up to you and play you a sweet song on their instrument, dry your tears, fall in love with you, and you’ll live happily ever after…orrrrrrr you’ll just leave feeling inspired by the music and ready to do anything. That’s totally fine, too.

9. Honors College’s Koi Pond

Need to study? Need to meditate? Or do you need to just have a really good cry? This is the most Insta-worthy of the best places to cry at The University of Central Florida. Walk over to the koi pond located right outside of the Burnett Honors College. Every inch is decorated with pretty plants and the trickling of the waters, not to mention the little koi swimming around in the pond. These guys won’t care if you’re crying, and they won’t ask you any questions. Mainly because they can’t say anything. But if they could, they’d be the ones to let you know that things are gonna be A-OK because fish are kinda cool like that.


10. The Pegasus seal in Student Union

Okay, now you know I’m kidding with this one. I want y’all to graduate! Hell, I wanna graduate too! But if you really love UCF and want to stay for a few more years, then by all means, BE OUR GUEST! We won’t judge…for we love UCF too.

Be honest – have you cried at any of these places before? Know any other places around campus where you can cry your eyes out and relieve that stress? Let me know in the comments below!
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