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9 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At The University Of Arkansas

9 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At The University Of Arkansas

College isn't always as great as you expect it to be, fortunately we have a list of the best places to cry at the University of Arkansas!

As high-schoolers, we were fed a picture of college akin to a utopia; no parents, unlimited partying, and a daily gourmet buffet. But, after our first night spent drunk crying to our roommate or receiving our first F, we figure out that the actual college experience is a bit different. Luckily, we University of Arkansas students have an incredibly beautiful and scenic campus to unleash all our frustrations in. Consider crying at one of the 9 best places to cry at The University of Arkansas!

1. Old Main Lawn

This historic and insta-worthy spot is a perfect place to let the tears flow. The beautiful blue and brick building will remind you that no matter how many times you google “How much money does a stripper make,” it won’t change the fact that you don’t have the upper body strength and need to get a degree.

Here you have plenty of space to stretch out on a blanket and do some real deal crying. Make sure to bring your backpack and some books so the people walking past are even less likely to approach you.



2. In Front of a Campus Tour

Give a group of naive incoming freshmen a dose of reality by bawling in front of them. Not only is this a rather cathartic experience for you, but it gives the fresh faces some new material for their night terrors.



3. The 1st Floor of Kimpel Hall

The best place to a hid a mascara-streaked face is, obviously, a basement. Luckily, the university converted the basement of Kimpel Hall into an actual space for learning! Don’t worry! There are absolutely zero windows on this floor so no one can stare at the hot mess that is you. For that reason, it should be your go-to out of the best places to cry at The University of Arkansas.


4. Mullins Library

When you’re feeling stressed just head to the library, bury your head in a book, and keep it there until the uncontrollable sobbing stops.



5. In Your RA’s Room

Utilizing resources the university gives you is important to ensure your sanity while going through college. Surprisingly, some RAs aren’t as lame as the Gorillaz poster on their door would suggest, making it one one of the best places to cry at The University of Arkansas. You can get some knowledgeable information on how to survive and steal some snacks on the way out.



6. In Line at the Union Food Court

Nothing soothes an aching soul like fast food. Luckily, our Union offers a variety of places to eat and to cry at.



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7. Senior Walk

Give the historic long and winding sidewalk a nice power washing with your tears. You can cover 140 of Razorback history!



8. The Inn at Carnal Hall

Interrupt a scholarship luncheon by sobbing beside a window. You’re too broke too buy any food, so don’t even try to go in.


9. Your Best Friend’s Shoulder

She’s gonna appreciate those tear stains on her over-sized sweatshirt long after you guys have graduated.



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