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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Texas Christian University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Texas Christian University

We've put together a list of the best places to cry at Texas Christian University. When you just can't anymore, let the tears flow at these places.

You know that part of the semester where it just seems like everyday you’re getting hit by a Ford F150 full of lecture notes? Yeah, that time is now. If not carefully planned out this part of the semester can break even the toughest students. Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to study as much as you need to and that little part in your brain tells you it’s time for the dreaded…emotional breakdown. If you’ve reached that part of the semester, you might be looking for a place to cry in peace. You’re in luck. Here are the 10 best places to cry at Texas Christian University. They’re perfect for when you need to release that emotional break down on campus.

1. The BLUU

The BLUU might not be the first place you think to have your emotional breakdown, but it might just be the best. Grab a cone, cup or bucket (no judgement) of ice cream, head to the rejection section (we all know where it is, the section right behind dish return) and let it all out. If you’re lucky–Cindy might even give you a hug


2. A Study Room in Club Lib or Reese Jones

This is most likely where you are having your emotional breakdown, so why not keep it all in the family? Reserve a study room, preferably downstairs in the old lib because it fits the tone emotionally. Turn the lights off and cry your heart out. Pro tip: If you want a study break, connect your laptop to the TV inside with airMedia and watch your favorite show on Netflix, then get back to the grind when you’re ready.



3. Colby Basement

As a former Colby cutie, I can testify first hand that this is a great place to shed a few tears. The RAs (hi Taylor!!) in Colby probably already have a tray of freshly baked cookies waiting for you at the front desk so just grab one and head down. But obviously if you’re not a resident, be escorted by a Colby cutie at all times!

4. Frog Fountain

If you’ve ever been on a tour at TCU you know that each lily pad represents Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman. And the water represents the knowledge on campus being spread from Seniors to Freshman. Well throw your suit on and dwell in the knowledge of students past and present. The water will be running so you won’t even know what’s tears and what’s not.


5. Horned Frog Statue

Nervous on your way to a big test? Stop here. There’s a great chance that there will be other nervous test takers crying here too. Some of them might even be in your class. And you know what they same, horned frogs that cry together, stay together.


6. Texas Christian University Sign

This is a little public of a place to let the tears flow but it’s one of the most therapeutic. Just sit the sweet, fresh flowers and cry it out. Plus you can look at the sign and wonder how a place that fills you with some much joy can mentally drain you at the same time.



7. Amon G. Carter Stadium

Now this is a place of tears for different reasons. Win, lose or draw people cry in the stadium–hopefully not on the jumbotron. It’s still a good place to cry outside of football season. Walk to the top of the stadium and look out to see the beauty of campus. Who knows, Coach P might be your shoulder to cry on!

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8. Founder’s Statue

What a wonderful place to ponder life and let a couple crocodile tears go. You can be comforted by the lovely Addison and Randolph Clark while you let out the tears. Our founders wanted nothing but the best for us so I’m sure they could give you a word of advice or two. But if you really hear them talking, you might want to let someone know.

9. Parking Garage

In all honesty, this might be the main reason you’re crying. If you’re lucky enough to find a spot in the garage, take a breather to cry in the garage. You can cry in your car, in the elevator or on the segway with the TCUPD officer that’s on the first floor. I’m sure they’ll have the best advice for you.


10. Super Frog Bench

If anyone knows what it means to love TCU, it’s Super Frog. I bet there’s been a moment or two where he’s just so overwhelmed by his love of TCU that he even cries about it. Every one knows it’s better to cry with a friend, so why not cry with the best friend TCU has to offer.




Where are your favorite places to cry at Texas Christian University? Do you have more places to shed tears on campus? Comment below and share the article!
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