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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Temple University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Temple University

Out of nowhere, the work is starting to pile up. You have cumulative exams, papers, and presentations. Oh, and let’s not forget the finals week that will come after all of this is due! So where do you go after all is said and done and you just need a good cry? Well, here is a list of the 10 best places to cry at Temple University. Feel free to wallow and wail and let those tears fall freely when you just can’t anymore!

1. Founder’s Garden

You can watch people cut through the garden to reach the Bell Tower faster, read the names on the walls, and get a good look at the bust of Founder Russel Conwell.  The benches and tables are more comfortable than you would think!

2. Alumni Circle

Just around the corner from Founder’s Garden is Alumni Circle. If you stand on the engraved brick in the center of the concentric pattern, you can hear your echo. The best part is that you are the only one to hear it, so if you need to hear yourself think, think out loud in Alumni Circle.


Tip: Go in the evening. Less people are around and you can take your time. But I can’t promise people won’t give you funny looks.


3. Under the Bell in the Bell Tower

When was the last time you actually looked under the bell in the Bell Tower? Chances are you just walk by it on your way somewhere else, right? So, why not have a good cry under the bell. The best part is that the Beury Beach and the Bell Tower are relatively loud, so no one will hear you crying your heart out.


4. Paley

Go between the stacks or book a breakout room just for yourself and have a great cry. You might even find your next read at the end of your cry.

5. Beury Beach

Sit under the trees on Beury Beach. Maybe you’ll have a Pocahontas and Grandmother Willow moment.

6. Narnia (You know, that green area between the Bio-Sci building and Beury.)

Most people who hang back there are really chill and they won’t judge you, I promise.



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7. Cecil Skate Park

Be sure to sit off to the side or in the grass so as not to be hit by the amateur skaters.


8. The Terrace between Anderson and Gladfelter

If you want to people watch to your hearts desire whilst bawling your eyes out, this is the place to do it.

9. Tuttleman Owl’s Nest Lounge

Find one of those low-seated chairs and cry as the students around you type away at the computers.



10. The Tech

I’m sure you wont annoy any of the students sitting there trying to get their papers complete!

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