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10 Best Places To Cry At Stanford When You Just Can’t Anymore

10 Best Places To Cry At Stanford When You Just Can’t Anymore

College can get overwhelming at times; it's nice to know that there are places for you to just let it all out. These are the best places to cry at Stanford.

Let’s face it – we’ve all been there. It’s the middle of the quarter, assignments are piling up, you have three midterms, a paper; and not to mention, your room is a mess. So where do you go to let it all out? These are 10 of the best places to cry at Stanford when you just can’t anymore.

1. The Stacks At Green Library

No better place to cry than the place it all began – the library. You’re sitting there, in the zone, and suddenly the tragic realization, that this is all for nothing, hits you like a ton of bricks – but where do you go? Find a silent, dark corner of the stacks to cry your heart out.

2. The Center Of Meyer Green

This is less of a “crying in public” type of thing, and more of a “tribal scream”, but standing in the center of Meyer Green and letting out a huge cry or scream really is cathartic.


3. The Law Library Terrace

Normally a great study spot; it’s an equally great crying spot that is always quiet – good for the soft tears.


4. Lake Lag

Sometimes all it takes is a nice stroll around lake lag to get the tears flowing.  Or you can just sit and stare out at the mass of water, and allow your tears to contribute in saving us from the drought.


5. Memorial Auditorium

Fellow theater nerds will understand-when a show just isn’t going your way, the costumes don’t fit, the lights won’t work, the set is broken, or the sound is out of wack, you go to memorial auditorium. There is always a nook or cranny to hide in and let out a good cry.

6. Your RA’s Room

That’s what they’re there for: moral support and a shoulder to cry on. Plus, there’s always usually free food or candy lying around.

7. The Claw

How will anyone see your tears while the beautiful waters of the fountain are pouring down around you?

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8. Rodin Sculpture Garden

If you simply must get away from all civilization in order to let out those tears, head to the Cantor Center’s Garden, where you can literally sit beneath the gates of hell to let it all out.



9. Windhover

This is a great place for the silent criers. Peace and quiet, in the comfort of your own tears.

10.  Your Dorm Room

No better place than the comfort of your own bed; the best place for you to stain your pillows with mascara and salty tears.

These are some of the best places to cry at Stanford for when you just can’t hold it in anymore. Can you think of anywhere else to add? Share in the comments!
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