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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Rutgers University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Rutgers University

Sometimes, when you just can't anymore, you need to let the tears flow. These are the best places to cry at Rutgers University!

There are good days and there are consequently bad days, during which the sky seems gray and everyone you love seems to hate you. But hey! Here are some of the best places to cry at Rutgers University. They’re sure to make your ugly crying more fun.

1. Rutgers Transportation

If you’re gonna cry in public you might as well do it somewhere where everyone can feel your pain and see your mascara run a marathon. Find a seat on the nearest bus, plop down, and let it out. Thank me later.


2. Gazebo

Cook Campus has gazebos near the Newells that are in the middle of a gardened path. If you’re not into option number one this spot might be right for you. There’s some privacy and and a pretty view– hopefully you can see it through the tears.



3. The Yard

In the Yard there’s a giant television. Entertain yourself and express yourself at the same time. Multi-tasking, amiright?

4. Brower

The dining hall is a prime location to fuel your appetite so you have the energy to keep up that intense sobbing! Have a meal and let the rivers flow.


5. Classic Option: Bathroom

There are countless bathrooms on Campus, but my personal favorite are the hidden one person bathrooms in Murray Hall.

6. Livy Theater

Picture this, the lights dim, a movie starts to come on, and you start the waterworks. No one will judge (If it’s a sad movie. If you’re crying at a comedy that might look odd, just saying.) plus they’ll be too busy watching the film.

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7. Going up?

The elevators in the Academic Building are brand new, and come with a mirror on all four sides. Gaze upon your reflection while you bawl your eyes out. Who wouldn’t want to stare at themselves in that situation? Pretend your in the new Nicholas Sparks movie and the love of your life just broke up with you.


8. Night Wagon

The Night Wagon serves fat sandwiches to students until late at night. The drunk students won’t question a thing as you step up to order. We’ve all been there.

9. The Library

Alexander Library has countless places that would offer a memorable crying experience. There are those heavily populated areas as well as empty corners. Ya can’t go wrong.


10. Student Activities Center

They have really cool chairs. I’m serious, check it out. Then you’ll cry from happiness.

Where do you think the best places to cry at Rutgers University are? Comment below!
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