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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Penn State University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Penn State University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Penn State University

With second semester quickly approaching; us Penn State students need to know the best spots to let out a quick sob when drowning from the stress of new classes, exams, and balancing our constant need to party of course. This article is here to help you fulfill your needs of finding the perfect spot on campus to let it all out when you simply just can’t keep it all in anymore. Keep reading to find the best places to cry at Penn State University!

1. The Creamery

Having a rough week? Cry your sorrows away at Penn State’s Berkey Creamery. Who doesn’t feel better after stuffing their face with some ice cream? The creamery has over 100 different ice cream flavors, one of which I’m sure will suit your needs and make all the second semester sorrows disappear.

2. The Stacks

The stacks; notorious for many things… but being one of the best places to cry at Penn State University is near the top of the list. This spot on campus is almost always filled with stressed out students cramming last minute for exams. If you choose this spot to fulfill your crying needs, you certainly won’t be the only one. I’d recommend bringing extra tissues, you may need to share with others.


3. The HUB

Filled with many many delicious food options; the HUB is another perfect place on the Penn State campus to cry your little heart out. With options of pizza, pasta, and burgers, to salad and smoothies, the HUB has all the options to make you feel better when you’re feeling down. Once you’re put into a food coma, you’ll never remember why you were crying in the first place!

4. The Lion Shrine

I’ve heard that if you go to the lion shrine when you’re in need of a good cry, the Nittany Lion will magically appear with a tissue for all your sobbing needs.

5. The Arboretum

Not only does this spot on campus have a breath-taking view, it also has a fountain for your tears to drip into! No one will even notice you’re crying when your tears blend right into the fountain.


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6. McCoy Natatorium

Get some exercise and hide your tears at the same time in the water of the McCoy Natatorium swimming pool.


7. The IM Building

If you chose options #1 or #6 as your places to let it all out, I would recommend hitting option #7 as well. The freshman 15 is real ladies and gents, and  the IM building has all the equipment to help avoid the freshman 15. Sometimes a good cry on the treadmill can help just as much as stuffing your face with ice cream, but you get exercise at the same time! I swear it’s more fun than it sounds!

8. Frat Row

What better place to release a nice sob than frat row? A place surrounded by alcohol, dancing, and pure joy. At this primal spot, you’re likely to find another drunk companion in the same situation and maybe you can cry together! Sometimes some nice booty poppin’ can really make you feel better, as they say, leave it all on the dance floor.

9. Pollock Testing Center

This place will most likely be a huge cause of your tears in the first place, so might as well let them all out here. College exams are stressful, and you most likely won’t be the only student to cry during one of these exams at the Pollock Testing Center.

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Penn State University

10. The Dorm Shower

If you’re looking for a more secluded place to cry the dorm showers may be the perfect place for you. Along with this, the feeling of a hot shower will make you feel better at the same time, making it my favorite choice when it comes to the best places to cry at Penn State University.

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Penn State University

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