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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Michigan State University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Michigan State University

College is great. There are no parents, no teachers who know your name, and a bunch of shenanigans waiting for you around every corner. The freedom is amazing, the stress is not. The downfall to college, however, is when you are crumbling under the myriad of assignments written down in your planner, applying for fifty internships, and fighting with your friend group, you have no where to let out your emotions. Seriously. There is no where to cry and that just makes you want to cry even harder. It can be tricky to find the best places to cry at Michigan State University.

As an emotional college student myself, I understand the struggle and am here to help. Crying is good for you and I have discovered some of Michigan State’s finest places to cry when you just can’t anymore. Grab your tissues and hide your faces. Happy crying, everyone.

1. Your Car

This is the go-to crying destination. You can gather your feelings, hop in your haven, and drive to a remote parking lot where you can cry like no one is watching. Your car is the ideal place to historically ugly cry. No one will see you and no one will hear you. It’s ideal.


2. CVS Bathroom

 You just failed your exam and are walking back home. All of your stress is building up and you feel your eyes start to water. This is an emergency situation where you need to abort mission and sprint to the nearest CVS bathroom, lock the door, and let it all out. When you’re done, you can wipe your tears, pick up a new mascara because yours is dried out and disgusting, and move on with your day.


3. Sparty’s

Crying in Sparty’s would mean you are an incredibly emotional individual. You probably walked in there on Bachelor night only to find out that they were out of chips and queso. Honestly, I would probably be crying, too.

4. Cottage Inn

Crying at a pizza place usually happens when it’s past 1 AM, the boy you’re talking to hooked up with someone else in front of you, and you are in a pretty belligerent state. The only thing that can heal your wounded heart is some cheesy bread with two sides of ranch and a vent session with the strangers in the booth next to you.


5. Your Roommate’s Bed

This location is great if you like to be comforted. Chances are, your roommate will notice that you’re upset and will let you cry and vent to her for hours. If she’s selfless and amazing (big thanks to my Freshman year roommate), she will probably ditch her plans and order in pizza with you to cure your sadness.

6. Study room at 2 AM on a Tuesday Night

This crying location makes a lot of sense. If you managed to get a study room, you have clearly been at the library for far too long. You managed to leave your studying up until the night before and you have realized you will not get to sleep in your cozy bed tonight. Instead, you will be cramming for your exam, accompanied by a fountain of tears until the sun comes up.

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7. Tanning Bed

This is the place you cry when you have eight minutes in a level 2 tanning bed to get your life together. You know you need to pull it together since you will pass about ten people you know on your way out and will have to greet them with a smile. 


8. Kitchen

Sometimes, you find yourself yelling at your fridge because it doesn’t have the food in there that you wrote down on your shopping list, that you were supposed to go out and buy. Wouldn’t college be a breeze if fridges could just fill themselves?

9. Vacant Conrad’s

You’re probably sobbing outside of the recently shut down Conrad’s on the corner of Albert and Grand River because you payed the ten times Uber surge only to figure out your favorite late-night party decided to shut down. What is a life without Conrad’s in it? The world may never know. For now, you just need some time to get over this loss in your life.


10. Uber

Maybe you’ve had a really rough week, maybe it’s been an extremely difficult night. Uber drivers have seen it all. If your Uber driver lets you vent to him about how you’re going to end up alone in life without charging you for the extra twenty minutes, then he has a heart of gold and deserves that five-star rating.

Where do you think the best places to cry at Michigan State University are? Comment below!
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