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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At LSU

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At LSU

If you’re anything like me, the occasional cry isn’t out of the ordinary for you. Let’s be honest, college is tough. We students have to find the perfect way to balance our grades, family, and social life all while trying to look cool doing it. If I’ve learned anything my first semester here at LSU, it’s that sometimes the best thing to do is to treat yourself to a good, sniffling, mascara ruining, ugly cry. Fortunately, we put together the best places to cry at LSU. Hey, no shame we all could use a good cry every now and again.

1. The Basement of Allen

Because not being a freshman anymore REALLY sucks.

2. That abandoned swimming pool we keep hearing about.

As far as I know, there aren’t any bodies of saltwater on campus. Make your tears count! Fill her up, tiger.


3. Mike’s Cage

Too soon?

4. The Greek Amphitheater

Why not make it Shakespearean? DM me if you want an audience, I promise I’m not doing anything else.

5. The LSU Dairy Store

Cry hard enough and you might get a free scoop out of it?

6. Literally any bathroom on campus

If you weren’t crying already, I guarantee the noxious stench of your fellow classmates’ bowel movements will do just the trick.


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7. Campus transit

We’ve all done it. For the sake of nostalgia alone, give it another go. I swear the LSU short bus is operated by angels just waiting to tell you that that you’re more than smart enough to ace those midterms (You’ve known me for 73 seconds, but thx, Rhonda.)

8. Splash Nightclub

Not technically on campus, but the deafening bass will muffle the sound of your sobs. Bonus: you’ll either have a gay best friend or a seizure by the end of the night.

9. Your Senior College

You’re going to have a panic attack in front of your advisor at least once. Think of it as a level of bonding that no one really needed or asked for. They can’t turn you away!

10. The Indian Mounds

Shed some tears on the corpses of our true founding fathers!

Where do you think the best places to cry at LSU are? Comment below!
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