10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Loyola University Chicago

College gets the best of everyone eventually and all of a sudden, you just need to cry. There are some choice places to cry, though! Here are the 10 best places to cry at Loyola University Chicago when you’ve just had enough.

1. Lake Michigan

You can go to the beach, or just sit on the ledge outside the IC. You’ll feel like you’re in some coming-of-age indie flick.

2. The IC

If it’s winter and you DON’T want your tears to instantly freeze to your face, go here. You get the same view, but a comfortable chair and some heat.

3. Late Night

Tears and chicken nuggets. Nothing goes better together.

4. The L

Cry out all of your Ls on the L. Chances are you won’t be the only one, and nobody will sit near you.

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5. In the Shower

Am I crying, or is this shower water a little salty?

6. The Bathroom in General

Bring in a face wash, and if anyone comes in act like you’re just washing your face.

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7. Palm Court

If you need to cry you can at least enjoy a nice view at the same time. Looks nice even with blurry, teary eyes.

8. Halas

I’m just sweating from my eyes. Nothing to see here. Nothing but some sweaty eyes.

9. Your Dorm Room

Stereotypical College Experience and the most convenient when it comes to the best places to cry at Loyola University Chicago. Try to squeeze in some time when your roommate is in class and you have the entire dorm to yourself.

10. The Mundelien Elevator

Whether it’s waiting in line, or the ride up when you have to stop at every floor from 4 up, you’ll get in some time.

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