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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At George Washington University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At George Washington University

Our campus offers both amenities and opportunities, captured as #OnlyatGW moments. But sometimes, GWU can make you feel like you “just can’t”, and blubbering about it isn’t pretty. If you’re looking for the best places to cry at George Washington University, no worries, here are 10 #OnlyatGW places to go as a crying colonial.

1. In the Shower

Most GW dorms offer private bathrooms (sorry Mitchel residents). Crying in the shower is always cathartic. You can turn up the sappy music and sing your sorrows away through your sobs with only your roommates to worry about.

2. Private Study Room in Gelman

Students book private rooms to study in at Gelman all the time. No one ever said you needed to reserve it for actual studying. Technically, there are supposed to be other people in the room with you. Bring a friend to vent to and give you a hug when you’re ready for it.



3. Foggy Bottom Metro

One of the benefits of a city campus is the ability to run away on a whim. Grab your metrocard and hop on the blue, orange or silver line. And as Taylor Swift wrote, ride “until you’ve found a town far enough away”. Or cry on the train itself. No judgement.

4. Bell Hall Basement Bathroom

Bell Hall is an old building that mostly hosts biology labs. The basement is pretty much empty (and a little creepy) and the bathroom is very secluded. No one will witness a breakdown here. Except maybe a janitor.


5. While Meditating in Front of the Reflecting Pool

I’m not great at meditation, but if there is anywhere to do it, it’s next to the reflecting pool, while quietly crying and staring at the monuments. It’s beautiful, calm, and mostly strangers. Plus, but you’re drowning your tears where millions of American citizens have drowned theirs while questing for equal rights. Perspective.

6. 2000 Penn 3rd floor

2000 Penn 2nd floor is home to CVS, Captain Cookie, and plenty of other shops. The third floor is a ghost town. Grab some snacks and head upstairs for some undisturbed weeping.

7. Back Booth of TGI Fridays

TGIFridays isn’t everyone’s favorite restaurant. But, if you’re 21 they have some very fun, fruity drinks that are the perfect complement to a fried food meal with a friend. Loosen up and let it out.

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8. Treadmill on the Vern

The Vern Campus only houses about 25% of freshmen and is as serene as GW can get. The gym in West Hall is almost always empty. Run away from your problems in a much more private atmosphere than HelWel after a quick Vex ride.

9. The freezer aisle of Whole Foods

If you need to feel the weight of life’s problems, and you’re okay with gaining a little weight, than our campus’ Whole Foods is the place for you. It may be a little crowded, but the freezer aisle has ice cream and ice cream makes everything better.


10. Outside the White House

Misery loves company. Once Trump moved in, most onlookers of his home want to cry too.

Where do you think the best places to cry at George Washington University are? Comment below!
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