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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Clemson University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Clemson University

If you're stressed out, there are plenty of places to cry at Clemson University. Don't worry, sometimes you just need to find a quiet place and let the tears flow.

They say your college days are your best days, but that doesn’t mean it’s all shits and giggles. If you are at all like me, you’ll do your fair share of crying throughout your college career. But don’t worry I’m here to help! There are plenty of places to cry at Clemson University. I’ve scoped out the best places for when you can’t help that uncontrollable, ugly crying at Clemson University and here they are:

1. On top of Clemson House.

Clemson House may not be in use anymore, but it sure is useful to cry in! Just sneak your way in and you have the whole building to yourself. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, scale your way to the top of the sign. The breathtaking view of the campus is the perfect setting to shed some serious tears.

2. First floor of the library between the book shelves.

If school is getting to you and you “just can’t” anymore, the first floor of the Clemson Library is the perfect place to cry without anyone seeing you. Just roll open one of the bookshelves (as depicted above) and squeeze right in. You’ll be completely alone and able to cry your heart out after pulling your 3rd all-nighter that week.


3. The Graveyard.

“I’m crying over a loved one.” That’s all you have to say when you’re here.

4. The soundproof rooms of the Watt Center.

Okay this was the best idea any one has ever come up with. You could use this room to get some serious studying in, but the real reason they installed these special areas was for stressed college students to let it all out without being heard. Thank you Clemson, thank you.

5. Any fraternity bathroom ever.

If you haven’t cried to a random girl you just met in a fraternity bathroom, then you haven’t truly experienced college. Sure it’s a complete bio-hazard and you might walk away with about 10 unknown diseases, but when you’re drunk and need to bawl over your ex at 2am it’s the perfect place to do it. FYI you might make some new friends, drunk sorority girls tend to be extra supportive.

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6. The basement of Johnstone

Let me just tell you this- Johnstone is the the sketchiest dorm on campus by far. But if you’re having a really hard day and you’re ballsy enough to do so, take the elevator down to the basement. You may possibly get murdered down there, but no one will hear you crying.


7. Fike.

People cry here all the time. The freshmen 15 is real, my friends.

8. President’s Park.

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Having an extra crappy day? A stroll through President’s Park may be just what you need. Take in the picturesque scenery and bask in the beautiful Clemson weather. Not many students hang out around here so no one will notice if a few tears roll down your cheek!

9. After winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

For those of you who watched the National Championship game you’ll understand what I’m saying. I’m almost 100% positive every single Clemson student cried tears of joy that night. And just so you know, we will NEVER stop talking about this so get use to it.

10. Literally anywhere because this is college and crying happens on a regular basis- get used to it.

It is impossible not to cry every once in a while- especially in college. Between exams, extra-circulars, and maintaining any kind of social life, it is easy to get overwhelmed, but hold on because it will be the time of your life. And whenever it gets hard, just sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and take a deep breath, you will get through it.


Where are your favorite places to cry at Clemson University?
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