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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Baylor University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Baylor University


It’s ok and totally normal to have a mental breakdown in the beginning, middle or end of the school year. College gives you so many reasons to cry, so be adventurous and try different spots each time to shed some tears. Here are the best places to cry at Baylor University!

1. Your dorms bathroom.

Kill two birds with one stone. Take the shower you were supposed to take five days ago while crying about everything wrong with your life. Hopefully no one can hear you over the running water.


2. During your Professor’s office hours.

Why not? The professor could take pity on you and offer you some candy or just watch you cry then kick you out. Take your chances



3. In Class

Especially if you are in a science or math class, chances are there would be other students crying with you. Great way to make new friends!

4. In the BSB

All the premed students are probably in there crying so go ahead and join them.


5. In Moody

My absolute favorite place to cry! You can do it in the basement and no one will give you strange looks, just the “Yeah I’ve been there” look or you can do it in the middle of an Isle because who really goes through those? or you can do it in one of those small study rooms in the second or third floor.


6. Fountain Mall

Sit in the fountain. Your tears will blend in with the water.



7. Any of the dining halls.

There’s no reason while you should’t eat and cry at the same time.

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8. On one of the green and gold swing sets.

Everyone would just assume you are crying either because; the person of your dreams didn’t sit with you-sealing you fate together, or because you are just admiring how beautiful Baylor is.

9. Sid Rich tutoring Center

Who doesn’t cry while getting tutored because they are at the brink of failure?


10. The theatre building!

Most people would assume you are rehearsing for a play and applaud you for a very realistic performance.



Do you agree with this list of the best places to cry at Baylor University? Comment below!
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